Saturday, April 11, 2009

Becoming a Prepper

So, I have been fighting hard not to become one of these nut jobs who thinks the world is going to end because Obama became president. Well I do not think the world is going to end because of Obama, but I do fear it might end in spite of Obama. I have been watching the stock market and it makes moves, it goes up and it goes down, all dependent on emotion. I have learned, in my short time trading, to live with this and not obsess about it. Hell, I have even made some money recently off of it. Which is good, because I can now use that money to start hedging my bets in case the worst happens and we are hit by bad inflation. I am sorry did I say worst, what I meant was impending happens. The worst is super inflation and if that happens we are screwed. We are bend over and kiss your ass good by the world will never be the same screwed.

Now to bring you all down to my scary ass level I want you to think about what would happen if you woke up and found out that your 10,000 dollars in savings was now only worth 100 dollars. A can of soup costs $10 or more, gas is $60 a gallon and rising, people are hungry and scared, suddenly people start robbing and stealing, not because they are bad but because they need to feed their family. Well you have a family, you have food, what are you to do? Or maybe you are one of those who was just about to go shopping and you have empty pantries. Now the $150 dollars it would have cost yesterday to fill it up only gets you a couple cans of cambells chicken soup.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you live in the city? Can you get away from the lunacy springing up outside? Do you join in and start breaking into other peoples houses looking for food? Was that a gun shot? Thats illegal!!! Where are the police? Hey, is that house on fire? Why would someone set the house on fire? I better call 911!!! All curcuits are busy? Oh shit!!! I better get out of dodge!!! Where do I go? Uh oh, I was going to fill up on gas tomorrow!!! Did the news say lines for gas were a mile long and that places were running out??? I heard they were not taking credit cards or checks or debit, well I dont have cash on me!!! Damn there are people looting the houses across the street!!! Will they come here? What do I do?!?!? I have to protect my family!!! I knew I shouldn't have sold my gun!!! Will my fire extenguisher stop them? NO, thats silly!!! Maybe I can reason with them? They sure look angry! Are they beating that man??? I will just get the family and huddle in the closet!!! There goes the front window!!! GET OUT OF HERE LOOTERS, THERE IS NOTHING TO TA.............

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