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Friday, July 16, 2010

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What being a Conservative means to Me

I call myself conservative because there is no word that encompasses all of my beliefs. Libertarian is probably closer to my political beliefs, but so many people picture them as whack jobs and I do not want to be associated with them. With conservatives, I may not agree with all of their views but I do agree with the majority. Below is what it means to me to be a conservative.

Conservative means self reliance, common decency, and personal responsibility. It means you work hard for what you have, you pay your fair share to the government (who is supposed to make sure you are safe) and you keep the rest.

It means you take care of you and yours--you don’t demand that anyone bail you out when you fail, nor do you pay a fine for succeeding. If a neighbor needs help I will help them, but they damn sure better be willing to help me if I need it. That is what community is supposed to be.

It means I want a strong but small government that is truly of and for the people. Strong military, strong border security, and strong enforcement of reasonable laws.

It means I am patriotic and am willing to die for my country.

It means I believe in law and order with equal prosecution of our laws no matter who commits the crime.

It means that I believe that crime prevention is the individual’s responsibility and that police are our back-up. It means that I believe defending life, property, and pets using any means available are all one and the same.

It means I am for strict order in schools to optimize learning. Teaching should be focused on the average students and not on the slowest or smartest students.

What it doesn’t mean to me is Christianity. I believe you can be a good conservative and be an atheist. You just have to live on your honor instead of in fear of God.

It doesn’t mean racist. I believe we are viewed, by liberals, that way because we do not believe in handouts of any kind. I believe that it is the liberal ideology that minorities need assistance that is racist and propagates the poverty rate in the so-called minority communities.

It does not mean heartless. Because I wish to choose who I help with my money or time, it does not make me heartless. It means I do not want to be taken advantage of. I do not want to help someone that is in their predicament because of their own stupidity or fraud, while someone who is hard working, but is in need at no fault of their own, goes without.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twitter Account = Olbermann Over Load

We have been on Twitter for less than 12 hrs and have already found why we took so long to do it.

Because we cover so many topics and try to VERIFY everything we hear, we included people from the left and the right. Keith Olbermann was one of them of an initial 13.


In the past six hours Olbermann has posted 18 times. Amazingly two of them were about Glenn Beck. SERIOUSLY this guy has an obsessive compulsive disorder with Beck. Jealous of those ratings of course but it is bordering on neurotic.

I do not think I can have Olbermann clogging up the page like this. Maybe he is bored today since he isn't covering anything with a liberal twinge to it.

He did mention the New Black Panthers but blew them off because there are only three of them. There are more than 3 Keith and when is the best time to start paying attention? My guess is when they grow in numbers and start killing Crackers. The same goes for the Brown Berets. Keep up the good work you hack.

The print screen below is only a fraction of his comments.

Come join us on twitter at

Arizona Shooter now on Twitter and soon to be Facebook

Join Arizona Shooter on twitter for short comments on current events. We at Arizona Shooter have a lot to say about almost everything. Unfortunately, we work full time and there is just not enough time in the day to write a whole blog post about every subject.
So we are going to twitter like Paris Hilton about how we feel when the waitress forgets the extra lemon for our ice tea we requested three time and each time she apologized for forgetting yet kept forgetting and I don't really believe her any more and think it is because she knows I am a conservative and wants to make me suffer lemonless and is probably telling the cook to spit on my food while listening to Keith Olberman or worse Rosie O’Donnell bitch about guns in the hands of law abiding citizens while their kids are protected by body guards who carry guns but that’s okay because her kids are celebrities and are in greater danger because people don't like her big mouth or big ass and its really George Bush's fault that America is full of slaves aka illegal immigrants so what if they came here of their own free will its only because big bad business draws them to America like a cruel child who ties a string to a milk bone and pulls it behind his bike just out of reach of the hungry dog while laughing the mischievous laugh of a banker who robbed the innocent home owners and forced them at gun point to buy homes that they could not afford and then sold market derivatives not to limit their risk because they were being forced to do something stupid by congressmen like barney frank but because they are evil selfish men who want nothing more than to see the demise of the middle class that has not seen an increase in decades yet has grown in numbers since the 50s except when it went down because so many middle class people joined the upper class which refuses to pay its fair share of taxes to the American government so that it can give it to the poor who will then spend it on idiotic things like nice shoes fake nails perms racecar plates or plasma tvs even though they have no food or power or health care but that is okay because the government will provide those things as well because it is a right to be healthy fed and sheltered they know that because that is what people like van jones and other socialist communist liberal fit new name people told them they deserve just for being born to idiotic parents who never had a will to be a productive member of society and producing more than they consume which sounds a lot like Russia but its not cuz we live in America.

Unfortunately, twitter only allows 140 characters so we won’t be able to share all our thoughts in one message. So anything over 140 characters will have to be in a blog post. Of course, Ramrod may never post again cuz it’s a hell of a lot easier to hen peck out 140 characters including spaces than it is to type a decent blog post. Feel free to donate one of those devices that allow you to write something on the computer by talking into a micro phone.

Texas woman recovering after candy box explodes

This has not hit the major news networks and I could not find any big name news programs running the story when I googled it. Normally if a story is big and you google it under the news tab it gives you more links than you ever wanted. So why is a pipe bomb disguised as candy not big news?


Every time I introduce myself to someone new, and they ask me what I do for a living, I eventually get the same reaction......"there was this one time I got pulled over..." or "there was this cop who came to my house one time..."

The second part of this story is usually followed by some horror story of some police officer who treated this person badly. Now sometimes I can explain why the officer interacted with the citizen in this way. Sometimes I can tell the person that police officers are human, and have human emotions like everyone else. Its not easy to go from a high stress moment like arresting a child molester (or two) and then having to listen to someone think their world is over because their car stereo was stolen . I actually like to hear these stories because I take pride in my job, and I hope to change the persons opinion about the officer they dealt with.

But every once in awhile, officers do things that are completely unexplainable. This is one of those times. The link provided is to an AZ central article on the Phoenix Police Officer tazed by Gilbert PD in January. The Phoenix Officer is now suing Gilbert for half of a million dollars. The Phoenix Officer was more than twice the legal limit and was passed out in his car. There is also an audio tape of the incident where the Phoenix Officer can be heard being belligerent and threatening. He was removed from his car, and after being non compliant, was tazed. I believe the Gilbert Officer did nothing wrong. He was put in a bad situation due to no fault of his own. Gilbert probably even saved this guy's career because they didn't charge him with any felonies. A felony arrest is automatic grounds for termination. They could have easily charged him with resisting arrest. They ultimately charged him with the misdemeanor crime of failing to obey a lawful order.

Its cops like this that give the rest of us a bad name.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gun wielding 87 year old Tased and dies

It is a sad story and I am sure she was not a bad person. Just old and probably not thinking straight.

I feel more sorry for the cop who tased her. I hope he can get over any guilt he might feel.

I praise the police force for pointing out the fact that he could have shot her and instead was trying to save her life, even at the risk of his partner and his own life.

Finding My Niche

When the King of the Dirty Libs called me out for not commenting on the Oil Spill it got me thinking. What exactly is it that I write about?

When I started this blog I did it so I could voice my opinion to the world without them asking for my opinion. I thought it might actually offer my friends a reprieve from my constant pontificating about current events, politics, and personal protection.

The name of the blog was never meant to be defining, but it seems that since it is Arizona Shooter it should be more about gun related topics.

So I am asking you, my readers, what do you want to hear me spill my guts about? There is a poll at the top of the blog so that you can select some items or The poll gadget did not work so feel free to comment on this post to elaborate tell me what you think.

Should we Focus on:
  •  Gun topics
  • State politics
  • Federal politics
  • All current events
  • Stop writing cuz no one is listening
  • Keep doing what we are doing

All suggestions will be read most will be ignored.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gay Marriage

I decided to write something that would rile up the Christian conservatives and shed some light into my 25% liberal/75% conservative philosophy. Some would say its libertarian but I don't like being lumped in with that group.

I have no problem with Gay Marriage or civil unions or anything two consenting adults decide to do in the privacy of their own home. I believe that banning anything gay is unconstitutional.

My only problem with gay marriage was fraud, but then I new men and women in the military who got married solely to live off base and draw living and food allowances. So fraud can be perpetrated by anyone.

I understand that there are some who point to the word Marriage meaning man and woman. If I was gay I would give up on the marriage part and go civil union. ON PAPER. Its not like someone is going to arrest you if you say you are married to someone if its only a civil union. As long as the two give the same rights, WHO CARES WHAT IT IS CALLED.

Now, I do say that if straight people are willing to offer civil unions then gay people need to give up gay pride parades as they currently are. These things are ridiculous and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

You wonder why people think all gays are perverts, well just look at what we see during a gay pride parade. I wouldn't mind if you knocked off the flaming too. That is equally ridiculous. Feel free to do what you want in private, but show some respect for the people around you who might feel uncomfortable.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Black Panthers

America has been trying damn hard to make up for its racist ways and its history of slavery. We have come leaps and bounds in the last 40 years to force equality onto every racist white person in America.

Unfortunately, we forgot about the racists that are not white. We do not hold them accountable for their speech or their actions. America's over compensation for past wrongs is leading us into further turmoil. With organizations like the new black panthers, the brown shirts, and la raza forming, it will only lead to strength for white supremacy groups, neo nazis, and racist (most are not racist) militia  groups.

There are a lot of videos out there showing the leaders of these minority groups calling for the death of white people and the taking back of land stolen from their ancestors.

The speech of these racist non whites is not reported on the big news stations in any prominence. At the same time, logical discussion about border security and American sovereignty is automatically lauded as racist. People opposed to the President are racist. Basically, whites are easily called racist for non racist acts, while actual racist hate speech by non whites is not discussed.

You may call it being an alarmist but things are getting to the boiling part in SO many different areas that we will soon be unable to contain the problem. Be it radicals of any race, terrorists, Illuminati, Zionists, the Fed, communists, hostile nations, or you pick your enemy of choice, we so called average citizens are going to take it on the chin.

It is only through openly discussing and outing these crazy or hateful people that we can defeat them peacefully. The alternative is to allow this hate to fester until it bursts and the only answer is to meet it with superior force of action.

PS. For you libs, the alternative is to bend over, stick your head in the sand, and hope no one sees you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gun Show July 10-11

Who is coming with me?

The Big Crossroads of The West Gun Show is coming this weekend.
JULY 10-11
Arizona State Fair Grounds -- 1826 W. McDOWELL AVE
Open Saturday 9-5 AND Sunday 9-4
One ticket is good for both days!

Crossroads Gun Shows (801)544-9125

For directions to the shows click here.

New Logo

Arizona Shooter has a new logo thanks to Mediumx.

It is a lot more colorful and less threatening to the timid masses. We believe it is a clear reflection of our mission here at Arizona Shooter.

The American and Arizona flag protruding from behind the shield represent our willingness to defend both State and Country from those who would see it destroyed. This goes for both foreign and domestic enemies.

The shield also represents our defensive mindset both in personal protection and that of our country and state. We do not look for trouble but we will not back down from it.

The quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe describes our philosophy that everyone has a personal responsibility to keep their own lives in order and not an expectation that someone else will take care of them.

The Arizona Shooters are normal American Patriots who wish to see everyone take responsibility for their actions and we strive to bring awareness to our readers. No longer can people just bury their heads in the sand and forget that their are enemies all around them.

As Mediumx recently told a reader, "if you bury your head in the sand don't be surprised when you find that someone has stolen the sand from around you." Warthog was not as kind and told the reader that it left his ass in the air to be raped.

Regardless of what you think of our politics, we hope you arm yourselves with the knowledge to agree with us or to honestly debate us. Either way we all win. We don't mind people who argue with us as long as that person has an intelligent opinion, has researched their facts, and are not solely regurgitating what they heard from a political pundent or talking head on cable.

We hope you enjoy the new logo and please leave a comment on what you think.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to everyone out there.

Remember, it is not a date we are celebrating it is an event. 234 years ago 13 colonies declared their independence from British tyranny. 234 after that declaration we are far from what our founders envisions both good and bad.

Today I ask you to just take a moment to think about why America is so special. Why did it bring about so many inventions, why is its military so strong, why does it win so many Olympic medals, and why is it so hated.

It is all about freedom. Freedom to choose your path, freedom to  pursue your ambitions, and freedom to take chances. The freedom to succeed or to fail.

Envision living in a country where you were told what you would be when you grew up based on class or a standardized test. Do you think you would be doing what you are doing today?

Think about what it would be like to have to watch every word you said because someone might report you to the authorities.

Think about what it would be like to have to bow to your king.

Of course, have a great BBQ or what ever event you have planned. Just don't forget why you are able to have your event. It is because 13 colonies said we want to run ourselves and because there were men and woman willing to fight to make it happen.

Friday, July 2, 2010

How Long?

How long until this is at our door steps?

or is it already here?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

11 reasons to vote Democrat

Challenge: Find something like this on Republicans and I will post it.

This is funny and does show the arrogance.

Unemployment checks create jobs

This chick is nuts. But, Mediumx, acting out the role of the great instigator Ytraps, stated that checks have to be handed out by someone who is paid to hand them out. So, Pelosi is factually correct in stating that jobs are created by the unemployment system.

What she fails to correlate is that those jobs are not making any money for anyone but the employee. We save a whole lot of tax dollars by cutting unemployment, firing the check hander outer, and reducing the deficit.

 I think gov jobs should be taken off the table or factored in a different way. We could have zero unemployment if the gov just hired everyone. It is a ridiculous example but so is the current situation.

Oh I know, I am heartless and care for only myself and the uber rich, waa waa waa.

Just like feeding the bears, if you keep feeding so many jobless they just keep coming back for the easy check and forget whats its like to WORK for a check.

Yes, Yes I did just compare hand out seekers to bears.

But Warthog, if it wasn't for the government and their unemployment insurance, what would person do if they got laid off?

GREAT QUESTION. They would dip into their savings. A savings they would be able to have because they would not be paying into unemployment insurance and the employer also might pay more since they wouldn't have to pay into the insurance.

But Warthog, what you know people won't save money for a rainy day so they will need help.

Ummmmmm, how is that my problem. Your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency to me.

Just like the grasshoppers learned from the ants. No preparation in the summer, leads to hunger in the winter.

Again, I recognize that I am a callous barbarian who only wants to see dead babies in the streets and forced labor camps where people have to actually work for food.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

California Rep. Pete Stark, open contempt for Americans

This is just rediculous. You watch and tell me your opinion.

Congrats to the people there for not beating the crap out of the asshole. I almost punched my computer screen. WHO ELECTED THIS GUY AND WILL THEY DO IT AGAIN????

Muslim Counsel Exposed

Hat tip to NewZeal:

Muslim Counsel Exposed

Hopefully our next President

Hat tip to Jammiewearingfool:

Jammiewearingfool does a lot of posts about Christie so follow him if you want to hear the latest and greatest coming from this true conservative out of New Jersey.

Christie is not afraid to debate fiscal responsibility and a month or two ago told a woman who was complaining about teacher cuts and low teacher pay that she had the freedom to find another job. AWESOME!!!!

Glass half full thought:
I truly hope that we will start seeing Jersey turn around in the next year and Christie can be persuaded to run for President in 2012.

Glass half empty:
I hope he doesn't have a closet full of skeletons just waiting to be exposed. Though that didn't bring down Obama.