Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arizona Shooter now on Twitter and soon to be Facebook

Join Arizona Shooter on twitter for short comments on current events. We at Arizona Shooter have a lot to say about almost everything. Unfortunately, we work full time and there is just not enough time in the day to write a whole blog post about every subject.

So we are going to twitter like Paris Hilton about how we feel when the waitress forgets the extra lemon for our ice tea we requested three time and each time she apologized for forgetting yet kept forgetting and I don't really believe her any more and think it is because she knows I am a conservative and wants to make me suffer lemonless and is probably telling the cook to spit on my food while listening to Keith Olberman or worse Rosie O’Donnell bitch about guns in the hands of law abiding citizens while their kids are protected by body guards who carry guns but that’s okay because her kids are celebrities and are in greater danger because people don't like her big mouth or big ass and its really George Bush's fault that America is full of slaves aka illegal immigrants so what if they came here of their own free will its only because big bad business draws them to America like a cruel child who ties a string to a milk bone and pulls it behind his bike just out of reach of the hungry dog while laughing the mischievous laugh of a banker who robbed the innocent home owners and forced them at gun point to buy homes that they could not afford and then sold market derivatives not to limit their risk because they were being forced to do something stupid by congressmen like barney frank but because they are evil selfish men who want nothing more than to see the demise of the middle class that has not seen an increase in decades yet has grown in numbers since the 50s except when it went down because so many middle class people joined the upper class which refuses to pay its fair share of taxes to the American government so that it can give it to the poor who will then spend it on idiotic things like nice shoes fake nails perms racecar plates or plasma tvs even though they have no food or power or health care but that is okay because the government will provide those things as well because it is a right to be healthy fed and sheltered they know that because that is what people like van jones and other socialist communist liberal fit new name people told them they deserve just for being born to idiotic parents who never had a will to be a productive member of society and producing more than they consume which sounds a lot like Russia but its not cuz we live in America.

Unfortunately, twitter only allows 140 characters so we won’t be able to share all our thoughts in one message. So anything over 140 characters will have to be in a blog post. Of course, Ramrod may never post again cuz it’s a hell of a lot easier to hen peck out 140 characters including spaces than it is to type a decent blog post. Feel free to donate one of those devices that allow you to write something on the computer by talking into a micro phone.

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