Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unemployment checks create jobs

This chick is nuts. But, Mediumx, acting out the role of the great instigator Ytraps, stated that checks have to be handed out by someone who is paid to hand them out. So, Pelosi is factually correct in stating that jobs are created by the unemployment system.

What she fails to correlate is that those jobs are not making any money for anyone but the employee. We save a whole lot of tax dollars by cutting unemployment, firing the check hander outer, and reducing the deficit.

 I think gov jobs should be taken off the table or factored in a different way. We could have zero unemployment if the gov just hired everyone. It is a ridiculous example but so is the current situation.

Oh I know, I am heartless and care for only myself and the uber rich, waa waa waa.

Just like feeding the bears, if you keep feeding so many jobless they just keep coming back for the easy check and forget whats its like to WORK for a check.

Yes, Yes I did just compare hand out seekers to bears.

But Warthog, if it wasn't for the government and their unemployment insurance, what would person do if they got laid off?

GREAT QUESTION. They would dip into their savings. A savings they would be able to have because they would not be paying into unemployment insurance and the employer also might pay more since they wouldn't have to pay into the insurance.

But Warthog, what you know people won't save money for a rainy day so they will need help.

Ummmmmm, how is that my problem. Your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency to me.

Just like the grasshoppers learned from the ants. No preparation in the summer, leads to hunger in the winter.

Again, I recognize that I am a callous barbarian who only wants to see dead babies in the streets and forced labor camps where people have to actually work for food.

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