Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Black Panthers

America has been trying damn hard to make up for its racist ways and its history of slavery. We have come leaps and bounds in the last 40 years to force equality onto every racist white person in America.

Unfortunately, we forgot about the racists that are not white. We do not hold them accountable for their speech or their actions. America's over compensation for past wrongs is leading us into further turmoil. With organizations like the new black panthers, the brown shirts, and la raza forming, it will only lead to strength for white supremacy groups, neo nazis, and racist (most are not racist) militia  groups.

There are a lot of videos out there showing the leaders of these minority groups calling for the death of white people and the taking back of land stolen from their ancestors.

The speech of these racist non whites is not reported on the big news stations in any prominence. At the same time, logical discussion about border security and American sovereignty is automatically lauded as racist. People opposed to the President are racist. Basically, whites are easily called racist for non racist acts, while actual racist hate speech by non whites is not discussed.

You may call it being an alarmist but things are getting to the boiling part in SO many different areas that we will soon be unable to contain the problem. Be it radicals of any race, terrorists, Illuminati, Zionists, the Fed, communists, hostile nations, or you pick your enemy of choice, we so called average citizens are going to take it on the chin.

It is only through openly discussing and outing these crazy or hateful people that we can defeat them peacefully. The alternative is to allow this hate to fester until it bursts and the only answer is to meet it with superior force of action.

PS. For you libs, the alternative is to bend over, stick your head in the sand, and hope no one sees you.

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