Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twitter Account = Olbermann Over Load

We have been on Twitter for less than 12 hrs and have already found why we took so long to do it.

Because we cover so many topics and try to VERIFY everything we hear, we included people from the left and the right. Keith Olbermann was one of them of an initial 13.


In the past six hours Olbermann has posted 18 times. Amazingly two of them were about Glenn Beck. SERIOUSLY this guy has an obsessive compulsive disorder with Beck. Jealous of those ratings of course but it is bordering on neurotic.

I do not think I can have Olbermann clogging up the page like this. Maybe he is bored today since he isn't covering anything with a liberal twinge to it.

He did mention the New Black Panthers but blew them off because there are only three of them. There are more than 3 Keith and when is the best time to start paying attention? My guess is when they grow in numbers and start killing Crackers. The same goes for the Brown Berets. Keep up the good work you hack.

The print screen below is only a fraction of his comments.

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