Monday, March 30, 2009

Malfunction Makes Man A Criminal part 2

This man has now been sentenced to 30 months. THIRTY FREAKING MONTHS!!!! For a 20 year old malfunctioning rifle. I have researced a little more into this and found out that the manufacturer has ordered a recall for this problem and that even the ATF ordered a recall for this problem 20 years ago, but would not show the document to the defense.

The testers where not able to reproduce the problem with this weapon until they used one specific ammo. How can a rifle be deemed a machine gun when it only fires full auto intermittently? I just don't get it and I do not understand why the BATFE went after this guy so bad. What happened to common sense? Why do the BATFE hate gun owners? I know it is their job to track down bad people with guns, but this guy was a clean living citizen, veteran, father, and non-criminal.

This is bullshit and every American should be scared shitless. Your rights can be infringed upon at anytime, for any reason, and whether your fault or not you will go to jail.

I love Arizona but if this happens here I am moving to Texas.......

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Hate Hippies

I just have no understanding of the people who think that love will save all. One sign reads, "WAR is NOT the Answer", so hippie what is?
-Since when has America just gone to war for no reason?
-Since when have we not attempted to talk first?
-Since when did everyone stick their head in the dirt and fall deaf, blind, and stupid to what is happening around them?
1950ish??? Maybe sooner
Wake up people, peace is only possible when there is a threat of war. Peace is the outcome of war. The people we are at war with now have no wish to do anything other then war. Go protest in their country and see what happens. Where were the hippies when Saddam gassed the Kurds, where were they when the Taliban took over Afghanistan, where were the Kurds when Russia went into to Georgia? They were protesting here in America that's where they were. Why? Because if they had protested the countries and governments listed above they would all be dead, that's why.
Idiots!!! Stand a post or shut the hell up.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Begins

It is unbelievable to me that this is an issue in the first 100 days. I want to find the statistics on the past eight years and level of gun violence, suicides, accidental shootings. Any one have any data?

Gun Advocates Ready for Battle on Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grand Jury Convenes in FBI Terror Case Against Somali-Americans in Minneapolis, Sources Say

You may not know it but Phoenix has the second largest population of Muslims in the US second to Deerborn, Michigan.

You also may not be aware that Tucson was the location of Osama Bin Laden's first charity organization back when he was fighting Russians and not us.

Did you know that the Muslim Imams who got kicked off the US Airways flight from Minniapolis where headed to Phoenix where they live.

This is not a call to arms against Muslims in Phoenix, it is just an FYI because as much as I pay attention to the news and to history, this slipped by me. I do not see many recognizable Muslims around. I knew we had a large population of Sihk Indians, because I have a close friend who is one, and you can recognize them because they are the ones wearing the Turbins on their heads.

What worries me about these Muslims in Phoenix is that a lot of them are refugees from war torn countries. These people are experiencing, for their first time, democracy and freedom. They are alone and only have their own people to turn too, because in most cases they probably know little english. So these people are easy pray for fundimentalists who can convert them into suicide bombers and mass murders.

It is believed that Phoenix is safe, because the leaders do not want to draw attention to their perfect recruiting grounds. But remember, some of the 9/11 terrorists had connections to Phx. Remember the flight training? "Just teach me to go up, no need to come down",2933,508484,00.html

Friday, March 6, 2009

Check this website out. You have to pay to be a member but not to get the emails. The emails are great and offer great tips and stories. I just became a member so I will update on what I think of the services.