Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Hate Hippies

I just have no understanding of the people who think that love will save all. One sign reads, "WAR is NOT the Answer", so hippie what is?
-Since when has America just gone to war for no reason?
-Since when have we not attempted to talk first?
-Since when did everyone stick their head in the dirt and fall deaf, blind, and stupid to what is happening around them?
1950ish??? Maybe sooner
Wake up people, peace is only possible when there is a threat of war. Peace is the outcome of war. The people we are at war with now have no wish to do anything other then war. Go protest in their country and see what happens. Where were the hippies when Saddam gassed the Kurds, where were they when the Taliban took over Afghanistan, where were the Kurds when Russia went into to Georgia? They were protesting here in America that's where they were. Why? Because if they had protested the countries and governments listed above they would all be dead, that's why.
Idiots!!! Stand a post or shut the hell up.

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PIC said...

Peace and say no to war
Malaysian people