Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three New Arizona Pro-Gun Laws Effective Today

Three New Arizona Pro-Gun Laws Effective Today,

Wednesday, September 30!

NRA-ILA is pleased to announce that three new pro-gun laws officially go into effect in today in Arizona.

The employee protection/parking lot law requires employers to allow the lawful storage of firearm(s) in employees’ locked motor vehicles while they are at work. Employers are not allowed to ban the storage of firearms in vehicles unless they offer an alternate location to park immediately adjacent to the standard parking area. If your employer violates this new law, please contact us immediately at 703-267-1240 or email state&

Also effective today, concealed carry permit holders can carry a concealed firearm for self-defense while in an establishment that serves on site alcoholic beverages as long as they are not consuming alcohol. A restaurant or bar can ban possession by posting a sign next to the liquor license. It is important to note that posting the sign at the entrance of an establishment is not sufficient and one is legally protected to enter the premises and see if the sign is posted in the proper place next to the liquor license. If it is not, the establishment is not in compliance with the law and you may remain inside even if a sign is posted at the entrance. It is important for gun owners to politely let restaurant owners know you prefer to patronize those restaurants who do not post their premises.

Finally, a new law allows for a concealed carry permit holder to “display” their weapon to de-escalate what would otherwise be a violent altercation. It has been designed to stop problems in the past where the passive display of a firearm was considered brandishing and not a means of self defense. It will prevent law abiding citizens from violating the law when lethal force is not required to prevent a violent incident. It is important to note that this law does not allow for you to remove your handgun from its holster to intimidate another individual or gain leverage on a situation.

Thank you to all of the NRA members who answered the call to act during the legislative session. Without you, these victories would not have been possible.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Roman Polanski - Another Reason to Hate the French

Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland just the other day, 32 years after he pleaded guilty to raping a 13 year old girl.

If your thought, after reading the above sentence, was anything other than GOOD or ABOUT TIME you are a douche bag.

Speaking of douche bags, the French are now all up in arms over the arrest and think America is rediculous for bringing justice to a 79 year old man. They believe that his art is more important than what he did to a 13 year old girl 32 years ago. They believe we are being spitefull and that he should be allowed to live out his life in peace. They also say that he should be let go because the statute of limitations would have run out in France by now.


First of all, I do not care who you are, no one is above the law. That is one of the problems in the world today is that some people do believe they are above the law and often we treat them as if they were. In order for our society to work, all must be equal under the eyes of the law.

I know, very idealistic of me.

Second, just because you successfully hid under the protection of the French government for 32 years does not mean you get a free pass for the rest of your life. There is no 5 card charlie when it comes to the law.

Third, this man pleaded guilty and fled before he was sentenced. I am no lawyer but I do see how there would be a statute of limitations on that.

Fourth, it makes me sick to my stomach to think that this man is given awards, that people work for him, and that he is revered what so ever. Harrison Ford apparently presented Roman Polanski with his oscar in France because he was not able to attend the ceremony in the states. WHY? Because he is a child rapist. This man deserves a bullet not an oscar.

Harrison Ford you just made my shit list. You are not much better then Sean Penn, Susan Surrandon, Danny Glover, Shia Labouf, Oliver Stone and the other idiots who attended the documentary or film about Hugo Chavez. Please tell me one good thing he has done for his people other then take away their freedoms?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Missouri Man Teaching Girlfriend About Gun Safety Shoots Himself in the Head

Darwinism proven once again.

People, any innocent death is a sad death, but we can learn from stupid deaths. NEVER PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD UNLESS YOU PLAN ON KILLING YOURSELF.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Fox News

A Missouri man reportedly shot himself in the head accidentally while teaching his girlfriend about gun safety.

According to witnesses James Looney was insistent on giving his girlfriend a personal lesson in firearm safety Friday before taking her to a shooting range, MyFOXMemphis reported.

As part of the tutorial, Looney demonstrated different safety features on several firearms then put the guns to his head and asked if they would fire, Jefferson County Sheriff told the station. The third gun actually went off.

The 40-year-old was pronounced dead at a local hospital the next morning — the same day he was to take his girlfriend to the range, the station reported

Monday, September 21, 2009

91-year-old nude Fla. man makes arrest

Sept. 21, 2009 09:58 AM
Associated Press

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Authorities say a 91-year-old South Florida man jumped out of bed naked and held an intruder at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said Robert E. Thompson woke up Saturday morning after a would-be burglar climbed his backyard fence and was met by his charging dog, Rettt, a Rottweiler and Doberman pinscher mix. Thompson heard the commotion, grabbed his .38-caliber revolver and phoned police without ever getting dressed.

Deputies say Thompson fired a warning shot as 26-year-old Jose Pasqual started to come toward him. Thompson kept his gun trained on Pasqual until deputies arrived.

Pasqual was booked in the Palm Beach County Jail on a burglary charge and did not immediately have an attorney.

Personal Responsibility in Finances

I have gone away from my original plan of talking about personal responsibility and have been focusing a little more on politics. While I do feel it is a personal responsibility to remain informed and research what we are told, I also believe we have to focus on all aspects of our lives. We can very easily get tunnel vision and become obsessed to the point that nothing else is getting done.

I have not gotten tunnel vision so much as a traffic jam in the tunnel that is my brain. I got locked up with all that is going on and just couldn't focus on one thing. So I decided to go back to my original mission statement for this blog.

So in keeping with this blog’s theme, I will write about personal responsibility in finance.

I should disclose that I am not a financial expert and only started worrying about my finances three years ago. But in the past three years I have studied and have learned a lot. I would like to share with all of you the high points.

401K = Free Money:

The 401K program is a personal savings that has replaced company pensions. The money is deducted from your pay check PRE TAX. Your company sets up the plan with businesses like Vanguard or Sentry. Those businesses then give you multiple options of where you can invest that money. These options range from plan to plan, but most if not all offer bonds, treasuries, normal savings, mutual funds, and even specific stocks. These options should be reviewed carefully and if available you should take the quizzes offered to determine your risk tolerance.

If your company offers a 401k with company matching and you are not using it then you are throwing away free money.

From my experience the average companies 401k plan offers matching of 50 cents for every dollar up to 6%. (This may vary from company to company so I am using just my experience) This means that for every dollar you put into your 401k the company puts in 50 cents. The do this for first 6% of your income you put in. Let’s say you make 100,000 dollars a year, this is just to use a nice round number. 6% of that would be 6000 dollars. SO the company would put an additional 3000 dollars on top.

Salary: $100,000

401k Savings plan:
6% to 401K: $6,000
Company matching: $3,000 - Free money
Total savings for the year: $9,000

Right now you can contribute up to $16,500 dollars a year to you 401k. This is a lot of money to a lot of people so not many do it. Some financial people say you shouldn't do it. But all agree that you should be putting in at least the percentage that gives you the free money.


Paying yourself first means that before you pay any bills or spend any money with your paycheck, you put some money into savings. You could consider your 401k plan paying yourself first, but I do not.

Here is what I do. I have my paycheck directly deposited into my bank. The same day the check is deposited I have money automatically transferred to my E-trade savings account. From this account I can then leave it there earning minimal interest or shift it to my stock account and invest in stocks.

Company Stock Purchase Plan:

This is another form of free money. I kick myself every time I think about how I missed out on this for six years. This is a guaranteed return of 15% every six months, unbelievable. Not all companies offer this so check with your HR department.

Here is how it worked at my company:

The stock purchase plan (SPP) was available for enrollment every six months and you could put 15% of your paycheck into it. At the start of the six months the company started taking out that 15% from your paycheck EVERY PAYCHECK. When the six months is up the company takes the money you have put in and buys as many shares as possible at a 15% discount from lowest price of the fist day and the last day of the six month period. Confused? I am and I just wrote it. So let me draw it out:

Let’s say the six month period starts January 1st and ends June 30th. If the stock price on January 1st was $10 and the price on June 30th was $15 dollars then the company would buy your shares at the $10 price with 15% off making your price per share $8.50. If you sold the day you received your shares you would make a profit of $6.50 per share.

You can see how that adds up quickly especially if you are putting 15% of your paycheck into the plan.

Here is another scenario in case you are confused. It is really just the reverse of the scenario above. Let’s say that on January 1st the stock price was $15 and on June 30th the price had dropped to $10. You get the stocks at the $10 rate plus the 15% discount for a value of $8.50. You sell that day at $10 and you have made a profit of $1.50 a share. Not as great as the first scenario but still a profit above the average S&P return.

Here is how I started getting into my companies plan and I have to admit that it hurt at first. For the first six months I went on a spending diet. I put 300 dollars a pay check into the plan and cut my spending where ever I could at home. It hurt but after the first six months I got all that money plus 15% back. Actually, I got in at the best time and actually got a return of 25%. What is even better, living frugally for six months taught me I didn’t really need the crap I was missing out on. So after the first six months I increased my contributions to the SPP and did not withdraw my earnings from the previous 6 months. I used those earnings to start investing on my own.


If you thought you were done studying when you left school then you are sadly mistaken. Everything I know about finances I learned on my own. I started out reading Jim Kramer’s book “Mad Money” which got me excited about investing. I then moved on to other books that taught me how to read charts and company financials.

The greatest compliment I ever received was from a new friend who has a degree in Finance. I had been investing for about a year and was sharing my new found knowledge and modest gains. He asked where I had learned all this stuff and I replied that I learned it on my own from reading books. He responded, “I have a degree in Finance and I don’t even know this stuff”. His statement made me feel good and encouraged me to keep studying.

I encourage all of you to find a book on personal finance, read it, and pay attention. You do not have to invest in stocks or do anything risky. There are many different ways to invest your money and work on building personal wealth.


Since I have started investing I no longer live paycheck to paycheck. I have a sizable savings account, stock portfolio, and 401k. Sizable does not mean I can retire, it just means that I am comfortable and happy with my progress. Because of my studying and my keeping informed on financials I was able to pull out of the market before the crash which left me all in cash so I could start investing near the bottom.

I am on my way to building a very nice nest egg for myself and my family. Because I like to play in the stock market I am always at risk. But by diversifying my investments and my risk I feel comfortable. I encourage all of you to start studying where your money is going and how it could be used to make more money.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACORN Stings

I am loving these videos and hating this organization. I also love that the people behind this have released the videos one at a time. It means the story keeps going and can not be swept under the rug. Its fantastic!!!

Show that scum is scum no matter what color they are. We now have black, white, and brown criminals on tape.

I just watched the white woman explain how she killed her husband in self defense. Her explanation of the killing sure sounded like murder to me. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Senate passes measure to allow gun transport on Amtrak

That title tricked me, how about you. Read the article below and you will see that this is just a bill to get back a small amount of freedom. Read further and you will see that currently there are no security measures to prevent criminals from carrying weapons on to the train. When I fly, I am willing to go without my gun because I know that great measures have been taken to make sure that everyone is unarmed and there are armed police around.

I have a cost cutting measure for Amtrak. Make it legal to carry a firearm on the train. No need to add security, xray machines, or metal detectors. No need to add cops on the train. No fear of terrorists taking hostages because the armed citizens will take care of the issue for you. Still have to worry about suicide bombers but they are extremely tough to fight no matter what you do.

My opinion is that there is not reason to ever prevent law abiding citizens the right to carry weapon. Other than being impaired, I see no time I am not capable of being a responsible citizen.

"Well not all people are as responsible as you" or "some people are not properly trained" you libs might say.

Well, I go back to my old comments about mandating weapons training in high school and making it mandatory for all students.

My cop buddies are not going to like this comment but Police officers are normal citizens who took a job protecting others. They are no different than most other people and the majority of cops are no tougher or smarter then the average citizen.

I would like to hear from my cop friends and have them tell me what is the average gun training a street cop gets. What is the manditory range time and what is the average training a cop actually does extra?

My guess is that a lot of civilians train more than the average police officers does.

Remember America, this country was won by every day farmers turned soldiers. We all have a right and a responsibility to defend ourselves and others from the criminals who would prey on the weak.

Be a sheepdog and fight the wolves. Let the sheep go about their business. If we could only find a way to prevent the sheep from voting, lol.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Amtrak would lose its federal subsidies if it doesn't put a system in place by early next year to check and track firearms so that passengers can legally put the weapons in their checked baggage, the Senate voted Wednesday.

One senator says the measure "is going to put a severe burden" on Amtrak.

The measure, an amendment to the transportation and housing appropriations bill, passed 68-30.

The House version of the bill, passed in July, does not include the provision, so further steps would be needed for it to reach President Obama's desk.

Amtrak's current policy prohibits passengers from carrying "any type of gun, firearm, ammunition, explosives or weapon" in carry-on or checked baggage.

Amtrak spokesman Steve Kulm said firearms had been allowed in checked baggage before the September 11 attacks.

However, despite the policy change, the company has no uniform system of screening for firearms, Amtrak Chairman Thomas Carper noted in a letter to Sens. Patty Murray and Christopher Bond decrying Wednesday's congressional mandate. They are the top Democrat and Republican, respectively, on the Appropriations Committee's transportation subcommittee.

"Unlike the airline industry, Amtrak has no system in place for a uniform system of screening for weapons," Carper wrote. The railroad has no secure loading areas, and trains make multiple stops, he said. Employees also would need intensive training.

Further, he said, the National Railroad Passenger Corp. (Amtrak) has neither the money nor the time to meet the Senate's timetable to put such a system in place.

Carper warned that if Amtrak were to lose federal funds, it would result in the "cessation of all Amtrak service nationwide."

According to its Web site, Amtrak has in place "a range of behind-the-scenes and front-line security measures" that include random passenger and carry-on baggage screening; checked baggage screening; K-9 units; onboard security checks; and identification checks.

"As part of our security strategy, randomly selected passengers and their baggage, handbags, backpacks or other personal items may be screened or inspected," it says.

"Passengers failing to consent to security procedures will be denied access to trains and refused carriage, and a refund will be offered."

The gun measure was sponsored by Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Mississippi.

He introduced the same legislation in August as part of the budget resolution, and it was approved with bipartisan support, but the provision was removed during final House-Senate negotiations.

"Under current practices, all of the American domestic airlines permit firearms in their checked luggage. Other American passenger railroads also allow checked firearms," Wicker said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

"Only the federally subsidized Amtrak prohibits law-abiding American citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights in checked baggage," he said.

Murray opposed the legislation.

"In order to receive any federal funding under this amendment, Amtrak would have six months to build a process for checking and tracking firearms," she said.

"It would have to find the manpower necessary to screen and guard firearms, and it would have to purchase the equipment necessary. Now there is nothing in the underlying appropriations to pay for any of that. So this amendment is going to put a severe burden on them and if they do not comply, Amtrak will shut down."

The measure lays out the following guidelines:

• Before checking the bag or boarding the train, the passenger must declare that the firearm or pistol is in his or her bag and is unloaded.

• The firearm or pistol must be carried in a hard-sided container.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Northern Muckraker: Theme parks for thugs

The Northern Muckraker makes a compelling statement about recent crimes and gun control. Check it out.

The Northern Muckraker: Theme parks for thugs

You wanted it, So here it is!!!

BALTIMORE - Baltimore police say a Johns Hopkins University student armed with a samurai sword killed an intruder in his garage.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says campus security and an off-duty city officer responding to a call for a suspicious person heard screams to call police around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday.

Guglielmi says the undergraduate student
told the man he found in his garage to leave and the man accosted him. That's when Guglielmi says the student defended himself, cutting off the man's hand and causing a severe laceration to his upper body.

He says the man died at the scene, but police are not yet releasing his name.

Police are interviewing the student and his roommates, and are talking to prosecutors about whether to file charges.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Discover Channel's "The Colony"

The Discovery Channel is one of the best channels on TV. They currently have a show called "The Colony" and it is great. Not so much as a guide for what you should do in a disaster, but it is a great example social interaction, organization, and leadership. When it comes to survival these people would have been dead after their first run in with bad guys.

This show is great for allowing the viewer to think about what they would do. Would you stay in LA? Let’s just say you have too. Would you shack up with the same people the show has? What would you do differently?

Here are some rough observations and what I would do:

Priorities: Starting from scratch it must be decided what the priorities are. My priorities are in this order: Defense, water, food, then everything else.

Defense: This should have been first priority. Organization of raiding party defenses so any water and food they gathered would not be stolen from them. Defense of the compound, like locking the place down, setting up a CQ and round the clock look out, and stations in the event of an attack.

Military organization is a must. These people have no leadership. There chosen leader damn near got them killed in the last episode I watched and if this was real I believe they would all be dead.

Standard Operating Procedures: This is must. It does no good to figure things out as they are happening and chaos is ensuing.

1. Who does what in certain situations, IE; attack, visitors, traders, etc?
2. Who will do the talking when dealing with people on the outside?
3. What decisions can be made by the leader and what needs to be voted on by the group.
4. Rules must be set for the group and rules must be set for allowing new members into the group as well as kicking members out of the group.
5. In the event of attack, defensive positions must be taken. Who will post up where? Who will give the all clear? Who will search the dead enemy while the others cover?
6. Who goes on patrols, who leads patrols, what to do if separated, what to do if attacked, etc.

These are just a few of the things to think about. Obviously, I am fixated on safety and organization. That is why a diverse group is needed with many different specialties and skills.

So I ask all of you, “When you watch the show, what do you focus on the most and what would you bring to the group? Is there anything you think you should start studying or would be willing to study so you could be a productive member? Are you a survivor or would you lay down and die?”

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gun Show this Weekend

Crossroads of the West Gun Show - Phoenix
SEP 12th - 13th

I am going with the Dirty Lib. Who wants to come with me?

ACORN Promoting Prostitution, Sex Slavery, Tax Fraud, etc.

, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is the nation's largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities.

Hmmm, that's funny, it doesn't say anything about helping people cheat the income tax system. You would think that would be a huge selling point. I guess they don't need to do that because their on the list for about 5 billion dollars of stimulus money.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Biden Looks Just Like Jeff Dunham's Walter

No sooner did I click the publish button on my last post and CNN starts playing Obama's speech again. While watching I noticed that Biden was scowling and he looked familiar. I had to think about it for a few minutes and it hit me. Walter!!!

So, I started searching for pics and I apparently am not the only person who sees the similarities. I found this pick and think it is hillarious.

Obama's Speech

Worked late tonight and missed the President's speech. Don't trust the news to give me the real highlights and too tired for a video on the net. Anyone want to give me a quick list of the high points?

Feel free to leave your opinion as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

North Carolina Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

North Carolina home invader shot in self defense
Examiner Eric Puryear

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A 65 year old Hillsborough, NC homeowner opened fire in self defense, after finding 4 intruders in his living room.

Police say that the homeowner, whose name has not been released, was at home when he heard his door being forced open. The homeowner grabbed his pistol and saw three intruders in his living room just after 11:30 PM. Fearing for his safety, the homeowner shot one of the home invaders in self defense, and all of the intruders fled, according to police. 19 year old Jerome Williams, who was shot in the chest but is expected to survive, has been charged with first degree burglary. Also charged are three alleged accomplice, who police arrested nearby. The homeowner was unharmed, and police do not expect that he will face charges for his self defense actions.

Criminals often work in groups, using superior numbers to overwhelm their victims. When that happens, even the strongest unarmed victims can be overpowered by the numerically superior criminals. When the crime victim is an older individual, and the criminals are younger, those multiple criminal have an even greater advantage.

However when that crime victim is armed, things can be quite different. One of the best things about firearms is that they allow a single crime victim to defend themselves against multiple attackers.

Spin, Half Truths, and Omittance


That is the current state of affairs in American politics. Regardless of the facts in front of our faces, we are told we are wrong, racists, or worse.

Obama's speech today was all about the haters out there keeping reform down. His speech sounded just like his campaign speeches. Well Mr. President you are no longer on the campaign trail. As you and the other democrats like to point out, you won, so now we need your leadership. Enough with the vague references to change and reform. Give us a plan, with facts, numbers, and time line; you might just convince some of us.

Opponents to everything Obama does, quit spinning the facts. 1 trillion over 10 years is 100 billion a year. That is a big enough number to still scare a lot of us so no need to inflate it to make more frightening.

Obama defenders, opposition to Obama speaking at schools had nothing to do with not wanting the President of the United States to talk to their kids. It had to do with the fact that homework was sent out to kids to write about how they could help the President. With your past and our fears of socialism, it was a little to much like recruiting. The fact that his speech was released a week later does not diminish the fact that the homework sounded odd. It would have felt a lot more comfortable asking, “How can you help America.”

We, Americans, are also being asked to believe that a man who professed to be a communist, wrote books about subversion, and created green jobs as a euphemism for communism, somehow reformed the day he took the White House job. We are also asked to believe that he did not read a piece of paper that said the government was behind 9/11. If that is what you believe then say it proudly, it is your right to believe what you wish. Just do not expect American’s to like it or to be so gullible to believe you have changed your mind or didn’t read something that strongly worded.

A warning to all politicians, your past hate is easily documented these days. It is the American citizen’s right to demand you stay out of their government.

Media, you are the worst of all of them. You claim that you are the sole protector of information and keep the politicians in check. Yet the news shows reporters reading the Presidents speech calling opponents nuts, then adding something similar to a footnote that the original uproar was caused by the homework. Van Jones was not covered by anyone other than Fox News until SUNDAY and even then you allowed buffoons to go unchallenged when they said this was a right wing witch hunt. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

We, Americans, will not be fooled by spin, half truths, and omitting the facts you politicians hope you can get past us. We will remain vigilant, we will investigate the facts, and we will demand your resignation if you deserve it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Political Views Past and Present

Van Jones has stepped down due to his well documented outrageous views. These are not socialist views or well meaning liberal views. These are revolutionary communist views. The videos and excerpts from his writing show a well educated and thoughtful person with a plan to reform America into something unrecognizable.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. It allows you to speak your mind about what ever you want. The next best thing is having the ability to document what you say and share it with the world.

If you have not watched any of his videos or read any of his writings then please do so.

I keep looking for the angle that this is just a right wing conspiracy and I am eating up what I read and hear on Fox News. But I have watched the videos myself, looked at the organizations he has been a part of, and I can not find any reason I would want this man apart of my government.

This guy says it is a right wing conspiracy that is coming after him, well I throw out the challenge. Someone say something or show some proof that any of the accusations are false? It is not possible because the proof is overwhelming and ON VIDEO.

How do you feel about Van Jones and do you believe Obama has more communist advisors?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jack Webb Schools Obama

I stole this from, hope he doesn't mind.

I think these sentiments really match my feelings today.


Another attrocity has occured in Mexico. A man running for political office and his family were murdered. Mexico is more dangerous than any country in the world right now and they are our neighbors. I can not believe this is not front page news in the media every day.

When will Mexico go to war with these drug cartels? The government has to know where and who they are, so why not go in guns blazing and take these guys out? At some point, marshal law must be declared and the dirty work must be done.

I wonder about what the USA would do if this was happening here? Can this issue be handled using the law as we know it? What does it take for a criminal organization to go from just crime to declaring war?

I like to believe that this could never happen in America but truthfully, why couldn't it?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Health Care

Health Care in the United States is under attack for being too expensive, lacking on coverage, and being unavailable for the poor. Are these real issues that exist or are they blown out of proportion by politicians and media? I always like to turn to my own life and look around me for examples of what is going on in political debates.

Just like everything we do in life, we have to use what we have experienced to form our judgements and should never go simply by what the media tells us to believe. That is why I have such conservative views, I grew up poor and I know there was no reason for it other than having a step father who wouldn't work and used every excuse in the book for not working. I always had health care because I was covered by my father, but my mother and step father did not have health care during the periods that my mother did not work as well.

I have known and know people who do not have health care. None of those people should be pitied. They refused to hold down a job, either by making excuses to quit or being fired for unacceptable behavior. These are the users of society, the ones who take while never giving, the ones who complain about the man, and in my experience you can spot them after 10 minutes of conversation.

I have known and know people who always have health care. They either receive it from their job or they purchase it themselves. They may not have liked the higher cost of purchasing the health care themselves but it was their career choice that caused them to have to pay the higher cost. The amazing thing, they had already taken that into account when they made the decision and were okay with cost. These are the people who I will help when ever they call. They are the movers, the shakers, the ones you hear about who will someday make a positive difference.

I just watched an interview with a woman who said she bought insurance, got cancer, and was not covered by the insurance. She fought the cancer and payed for it herself. She is in major debt and pays $1800 on her debt. It was a touching story and I feel for her. But it got me wondering, what kind of insurance did she have? Just saying you have insurance doesn't mean anything and the report said nothing about the insurance she had.

Is private health insurance like car insurance? I can get car insurance that covers minimum damage or I can pay more for full coverage so if I total a Porche I am covered. So with private health insurance can you get lower cost coverage that will insure you against broken bones but not against cancer? If she had insurance and they refused to pay for her cancer, how is that legal and why doesn't she sue and win?

I will admit that I know little about health insurance. I have the best my company provides and I do not even know how much is taken out of my pay check for it. I am single with no kids and believe its like $30 dollars a month. I think its a hell of a deal and have not ever used it.

I watched Sicko by Michael Moore, feeling sick the whole time, and I think my biggest problem with it was that he kept saying FREE HEALTH CARE.

Do you people who support Universal Health Care really believe it will be free? I am sure you do not, but do you know who is going to pay for it? The Government? People we are the government. We pay taxes to fund that money a lot of you think the government has an unlimited supply of.

When it comes down to it, I do not support government run anything. I will not support any plan that has the government doing anything other than oversight.

So what do you think?

Can you tell me a story of people you know who do not have insurance and deserve it?

Be forewarned. Give facts, history, and be prepared to defend your arguement.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Defender's Creed

The Defender's Creed
By: John Farnam

I accept and understand that human predators exist. Criminal or terrorist, they take advantage of our civilized society to prey upon the weak. They represent evil and must be confronted and defeated.

I believe that self-defense is a moral imperative, and that illegitimate force and illegal violence must be met with righteous indignation and superior violence.

I will not rely on others for the security of myself, my family and my community.

I proudly proclaim that I run with a like-minded pack. I do not amble through life with the mind-numbed herd.

I will train with my chosen weapons, maintain them and carry them in a condition of readiness at all times.

I will be mentally prepared and physically equipped to effectively respond to an attack or emergency.

I will constantly test myself against realistic standards to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I will turn weakness into strength.

I will seek to learn new skills and techniques, and then teach what I have learned to other members of the pack.

Be it with firearm or blade, empty hand or blunt object, I will hit my enemies hard, fast and true.

I will live a quiet and unobtrusive life, but I will develop and retain the capacity for swift and decisive violence.

I recognize that I am the modern equivalent of the traditional Minuteman, and that I may be called to service at any time against heavily armed enemies. I will respond effectively.

I accept that I am a pariah among some of my countrymen, and a quaint anachronism to others. I will not hold their ignorance against them.

I will win, or die trying.

I swear this creed before God, my family and my fellow citizens.

John Farnam is an internationally acclaimed firearms instructor, and the author of three books and numerous articles. Please visit his website:

Bat-wielding would-be robber beaten with a sword

I would never recommend a sword as a self defense weapon, but when its the only thing around you do what you have to do.

I found this article especially funny because of the debate between James and the Dirty Austrian Lib on gun control. The lib asked James when was the last time someone robbed a bank with a sword. James has pledged to post crimes committed with swords and until he does that I thought self defense with a sword was just as good.

Bat-wielding would-be robber beaten with a sword
29 commentsby Tessa Muggeridge - Sept. 4, 2009 10:22 AM
The Arizona Republic

A man apparently tried to rob an acquaintance by beating him with a baseball bat and was seriously hurt when the victim fought back with a sword, authorities said.

The would-be robber remains hospitalized Friday. Police have not released names.

Authorities said the incident Thursday began after the two men went to a check-cashing store together and then to the victim's home near Indian School Road and 47th Avenue.
"The victim allowed the suspect to come into his home and cool off" from the heat, Phoenix Police spokesman Luis Samudio said

The visitor, identified only as a 39-year-old man, pulled out a bat and struck his 30-year-old acquaintance on the shoulder, Samudio said. Authorities suspect the attacker planned to rob the victim.

After a struggle, the victim ran into a bedroom and armed himself with a sword, police said. The victim reportedly struck the suspect with the sword several times.

"It's the suspect that suffered the serious injuries," Samudio said.

The suspect fled the home and ended up at an apartment complex near the Black Canyon Freeway and West Camelback Road about four miles away. A resident at the complex called 911 after seeing a person bleeding, Samudio said.

The suspect is expected to be released in the next couple of days, police said. He faces charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Texas Resident Shot and Killed 2 Teenagers During Home Invasion

Texas Resident Shot and Killed 2 Teenagers During Home Invasion
Friday, September 04, 2009
(Associated Press)

SAN MARCOS, Texas — Police in Texas say a group of teenagers were trying to break into a home when a resident opened fire and killed two of the youths.

San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams says the shootings happened shortly before 2 a.m. Friday. He says two 16-year-olds died and a third teenager was seriously wounded.

Another teen was unharmed and arrested in the shootings that were about 30 miles south of Austin.

Authorities declined to release the teenagers' identities but say the two killed were from Luling, about 20 miles from San Marcos.

Williams says police responded to a call of a home invasion and shots fired.

Authorities say the three people who were home at the time were not injured.

1000 visits

This blog has had one thousand visitors and I would like to thank everyone who has visited and especially thank those who have contributed to the great debates.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just Answering the Door Can Be Dangerous

Man shot after answering door
by Leigh Zinsmeister - Sept. 2, 2009 03:47 PM
The Arizona Republic

Police are investigating the death of San Tan Valley man who was shot in the head after answering the door.

Daniel Joseph Neymeyer, 41, was shot around 9:45 p.m. Sunday, according to a media release from the Pinal County Sheriff's office.

Witnesses told authorities that Neymeyer spoke briefly with the unidentified visitor before being shot. His brother, who was also home at the time but did not witness the shooting, alerted police.

Information on the suspect was not immediately available.

I had an incident once, back in my 20s, where some strangers came to my door asking for someone neither myself nor my roommates new. They came by the first time while I was not home. When I got home after 10pm my roommate told me about the situation, asked me if I new the person, and told me he had a weird feeling about it. Not 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I grabbed my gun and held it out of sight while my roommate answered the door.

The two individuals, both in their early 20s, asked for their friend again. I told them that I owned the house and never heard of this guy. They said they had dropped the guy off and had seen him come to my house. My front door is actually on the side and there is a wall with a park on the other side of it.

I told them he was never in the house and there was nothing we could tell them. They said they would be back. I told them that there would be no need for that. They replied that this was about money and they would be back. I took umbrage to that statement and told them in not so polite a way that coming back would be a bad idea. They left my house and walked to their truck down the street. This was also strange.

My suspicions where this was a drug deal gone bad and I my house was some how playing a role. I should have called the cops.

Instead, I grabbed my other gun and gave it to my roommate. I then went to my car to take a look around the neighbor hood to see if the guys had left or if they had just parked somewhere else and planned some mischief.

Sure enough, the guys were just down the street and had a view of my house. I drove by and kept going. I started calling 911 but saw them speed off and watched them go down the main road. I did not call the cops.

Now, I still should have called the cops, but I had a feeling that this was realated to a friend of one of my old roommates. That roommate had some suspect friends who would know where I live and know it was a good place to run a scam. I also didn't not want to involve the cops and draw more attention to my home that was already in their sights for being a party house. I did not want it added to the possible drug house list.

I made some calls and asked if anyone by the name those two guys had given me. One of my old roommates said he new him and that they guy had disappeared and he thought he was on meth. We found out that this guy had done just what I thought. He told the other two guys that he could get them drugs if they gave him money and drove him to my house. He then had a friend waiting in a car near the park. When the friends dropped him off in front of my house, he was able to jump my wall without them seeing and get in the getaway car.

So, I had to druggies at my door who were pissed about getting ripped off. I was on high alert for awhile, until I was told that the druggies were told that they were ripped off and no one in the house was involved.

Feel free to critic this incident and tell me what you would have done differently.

Here is my Monday morning quarterbacking review:

- I felt we had to answer the door. There were three guys in the house and I was armed, gun in hand, but out of sight. Now, there is the risk of my roommate getting shot in the chest before I can react. He did check the peep hole and the window that gives a solid view of the two guys. He saw their hands were empty.

-If these guys would have drawn I believe I could have raised my gun in hand faster.

-I could have refrained from loosing my temper and not said something that could have escalated the incident.

-I should have called the cops and they may have caught them sitting in their truck watching my house. I did not know they were sitting there and felt strange telling the cops that I thought some guys came to my house believing I was a drug dealer.

-Not smart getting in my car looking for them. If something had happened and I had to fire my weapon and possibly kill one or both of them, I am sure a prosecuter could spin that into me looking for trouble.

I don't know what happened in the article posted at the beginning of this post. But gut feelings are important and if you have a bad feeling go with it. As soon as that knock came at the door I had a bad feeling and instinctively went for my gun. I did not wait a second to think about what to do. Too my roommates credit, they reacted just as I had hoped and it took only a few words to get into position.

Do you think you and your friends would react similarly? Have you ever talked about what you would do if something happened that sent everyones alarm off?

I will discuss another incident while shooting in the desert in my next post.

Armed homeowner holds youth suspected of attempted burglary

Don't fixate on the youth suspect part of the title. The article doesn't state their ages. Just a good show of a armed citizen protecting his family and property. Good job.

Armed homeowner holds youth suspected of attempted burglary
11 commentsby Jordan Johnson - Sept. 2, 2009 05:30 PM
The Arizona Republic

A Chandler homeowner, armed with a gun, took one of two juveniles into custody after they broke into his home.

The homeowner's 13-year-old son was the only person at the house, in the 800 block of West Elgin Street, when two juveniles knocked on his front door on Monday.

The boy did not open the front door. The juveniles forced their way through the back door, police said. The boy ran to a neighbor's home, and his neighbors called police.

The boy's father got home before authorities arrived, grabbed his gun and took one of the juveniles into custody.

Police apprehended the second juvenile when he jumped from the second story and attempted to flee from the home.

Both juveniles, who are Chandler residents, were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary, police said.

Their names and pictures are being withheld by police.