Saturday, September 5, 2009

Health Care

Health Care in the United States is under attack for being too expensive, lacking on coverage, and being unavailable for the poor. Are these real issues that exist or are they blown out of proportion by politicians and media? I always like to turn to my own life and look around me for examples of what is going on in political debates.

Just like everything we do in life, we have to use what we have experienced to form our judgements and should never go simply by what the media tells us to believe. That is why I have such conservative views, I grew up poor and I know there was no reason for it other than having a step father who wouldn't work and used every excuse in the book for not working. I always had health care because I was covered by my father, but my mother and step father did not have health care during the periods that my mother did not work as well.

I have known and know people who do not have health care. None of those people should be pitied. They refused to hold down a job, either by making excuses to quit or being fired for unacceptable behavior. These are the users of society, the ones who take while never giving, the ones who complain about the man, and in my experience you can spot them after 10 minutes of conversation.

I have known and know people who always have health care. They either receive it from their job or they purchase it themselves. They may not have liked the higher cost of purchasing the health care themselves but it was their career choice that caused them to have to pay the higher cost. The amazing thing, they had already taken that into account when they made the decision and were okay with cost. These are the people who I will help when ever they call. They are the movers, the shakers, the ones you hear about who will someday make a positive difference.

I just watched an interview with a woman who said she bought insurance, got cancer, and was not covered by the insurance. She fought the cancer and payed for it herself. She is in major debt and pays $1800 on her debt. It was a touching story and I feel for her. But it got me wondering, what kind of insurance did she have? Just saying you have insurance doesn't mean anything and the report said nothing about the insurance she had.

Is private health insurance like car insurance? I can get car insurance that covers minimum damage or I can pay more for full coverage so if I total a Porche I am covered. So with private health insurance can you get lower cost coverage that will insure you against broken bones but not against cancer? If she had insurance and they refused to pay for her cancer, how is that legal and why doesn't she sue and win?

I will admit that I know little about health insurance. I have the best my company provides and I do not even know how much is taken out of my pay check for it. I am single with no kids and believe its like $30 dollars a month. I think its a hell of a deal and have not ever used it.

I watched Sicko by Michael Moore, feeling sick the whole time, and I think my biggest problem with it was that he kept saying FREE HEALTH CARE.

Do you people who support Universal Health Care really believe it will be free? I am sure you do not, but do you know who is going to pay for it? The Government? People we are the government. We pay taxes to fund that money a lot of you think the government has an unlimited supply of.

When it comes down to it, I do not support government run anything. I will not support any plan that has the government doing anything other than oversight.

So what do you think?

Can you tell me a story of people you know who do not have insurance and deserve it?

Be forewarned. Give facts, history, and be prepared to defend your arguement.

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