Monday, September 28, 2009

Roman Polanski - Another Reason to Hate the French

Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland just the other day, 32 years after he pleaded guilty to raping a 13 year old girl.

If your thought, after reading the above sentence, was anything other than GOOD or ABOUT TIME you are a douche bag.

Speaking of douche bags, the French are now all up in arms over the arrest and think America is rediculous for bringing justice to a 79 year old man. They believe that his art is more important than what he did to a 13 year old girl 32 years ago. They believe we are being spitefull and that he should be allowed to live out his life in peace. They also say that he should be let go because the statute of limitations would have run out in France by now.


First of all, I do not care who you are, no one is above the law. That is one of the problems in the world today is that some people do believe they are above the law and often we treat them as if they were. In order for our society to work, all must be equal under the eyes of the law.

I know, very idealistic of me.

Second, just because you successfully hid under the protection of the French government for 32 years does not mean you get a free pass for the rest of your life. There is no 5 card charlie when it comes to the law.

Third, this man pleaded guilty and fled before he was sentenced. I am no lawyer but I do see how there would be a statute of limitations on that.

Fourth, it makes me sick to my stomach to think that this man is given awards, that people work for him, and that he is revered what so ever. Harrison Ford apparently presented Roman Polanski with his oscar in France because he was not able to attend the ceremony in the states. WHY? Because he is a child rapist. This man deserves a bullet not an oscar.

Harrison Ford you just made my shit list. You are not much better then Sean Penn, Susan Surrandon, Danny Glover, Shia Labouf, Oliver Stone and the other idiots who attended the documentary or film about Hugo Chavez. Please tell me one good thing he has done for his people other then take away their freedoms?

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