Monday, September 14, 2009

The Discover Channel's "The Colony"

The Discovery Channel is one of the best channels on TV. They currently have a show called "The Colony" and it is great. Not so much as a guide for what you should do in a disaster, but it is a great example social interaction, organization, and leadership. When it comes to survival these people would have been dead after their first run in with bad guys.

This show is great for allowing the viewer to think about what they would do. Would you stay in LA? Let’s just say you have too. Would you shack up with the same people the show has? What would you do differently?

Here are some rough observations and what I would do:

Priorities: Starting from scratch it must be decided what the priorities are. My priorities are in this order: Defense, water, food, then everything else.

Defense: This should have been first priority. Organization of raiding party defenses so any water and food they gathered would not be stolen from them. Defense of the compound, like locking the place down, setting up a CQ and round the clock look out, and stations in the event of an attack.

Military organization is a must. These people have no leadership. There chosen leader damn near got them killed in the last episode I watched and if this was real I believe they would all be dead.

Standard Operating Procedures: This is must. It does no good to figure things out as they are happening and chaos is ensuing.

1. Who does what in certain situations, IE; attack, visitors, traders, etc?
2. Who will do the talking when dealing with people on the outside?
3. What decisions can be made by the leader and what needs to be voted on by the group.
4. Rules must be set for the group and rules must be set for allowing new members into the group as well as kicking members out of the group.
5. In the event of attack, defensive positions must be taken. Who will post up where? Who will give the all clear? Who will search the dead enemy while the others cover?
6. Who goes on patrols, who leads patrols, what to do if separated, what to do if attacked, etc.

These are just a few of the things to think about. Obviously, I am fixated on safety and organization. That is why a diverse group is needed with many different specialties and skills.

So I ask all of you, “When you watch the show, what do you focus on the most and what would you bring to the group? Is there anything you think you should start studying or would be willing to study so you could be a productive member? Are you a survivor or would you lay down and die?”

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