Monday, September 7, 2009

Political Views Past and Present

Van Jones has stepped down due to his well documented outrageous views. These are not socialist views or well meaning liberal views. These are revolutionary communist views. The videos and excerpts from his writing show a well educated and thoughtful person with a plan to reform America into something unrecognizable.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. It allows you to speak your mind about what ever you want. The next best thing is having the ability to document what you say and share it with the world.

If you have not watched any of his videos or read any of his writings then please do so.

I keep looking for the angle that this is just a right wing conspiracy and I am eating up what I read and hear on Fox News. But I have watched the videos myself, looked at the organizations he has been a part of, and I can not find any reason I would want this man apart of my government.

This guy says it is a right wing conspiracy that is coming after him, well I throw out the challenge. Someone say something or show some proof that any of the accusations are false? It is not possible because the proof is overwhelming and ON VIDEO.

How do you feel about Van Jones and do you believe Obama has more communist advisors?

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