Saturday, February 28, 2009

What is Our Responsibility

What is the responsibility of a citizen?

I wonder that on a daily basis.

Isn't it the citizens responsibility to contribute to civilization? That is what I believe. I believe all productive citizens contribute to societies greatness. It is America's unique application of freedom that allows every individual to offer an opinion and have a say to the way things are run. That is at least the way it is supposed to be. It is the way our forefathers believed this country needed to be run. They had a lot of power and they turned it over to the people. That is proof in their honor and belief in man kind. They led us away from big government and put the responsibility on the individuals head.

We shit on that and have given power back to a central government. We no longer accept responsibility for our own actions.

Ask yourself this. Who is going to be there for me when a disaster hits?

If you answer anything other than "ME", then you are not a citizen, you are an ant in a commune.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is Wrong with Us???

We are at war and our own technology is being used against us. I am all for freedom of the press and the first amendment, but there has to be a happy middle ground when it comes to war and national security. I hate the term national security now that it has been over used and misused. Well according to Movies and TV its misused constantly in order for the government to cover up anything it doesn't want people to know. But I digress.

Now this story below was not broken by American news so I can not blame them. I can blame Google for allowing its awesome program to be used against America. I love looking at Google earth all the time, but the views are outdated so they should be able to edit bases around the world. One time I looked up my old base and counted how many planes were on the tarmac and where. I was able to tell that my squadron, a combat squadron, was deployed when the picture was taken because there were only a few birds on the ground and now support equipment around. That is not right, not right at all.

Now you may be asking yourself, who cares since the pictures are usually out dated. Well, I don't know if the minute they put them up is right after they were taken. I also know that the bases structures, roads, and security gates are easily visible on google earth. This allows incredible Intel to anyone wanting it and possibly willing to exploit it.


We are being laughed at people. We portray ourselves as weak willed and weak hearted. Our enemies think we are all idiots and I believe it is only geography that prevents them from storming our gates. When will we wake up and do what is necessary?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unjust Justice

I ask you, what is the difference between a police officer and a civilian? My answer, nothing.

I believe police officers are payed and trained to handle big issues in progress, paper work, and investigations. I believe the same goes for federal law enforcement. The INS and Border Patrol are a good example of federal law enforcement who's full time job it is to keep illegal entrance into our country at a minimum. However, it is EVERY CITIZENS, job to prevent crime. The cops are just here to clean up and investigate afterward. Vigilante justice is a bad phrase that is put on any citizen who protects him/herself, family, property, or in some cases country. I am not a member of the Minute Men but I believe what they are doing is legal and patriotic. They are doing what the Federal Government is mandated to do. No where in the constitution is it stated that the Federal Government is supposed to be worried about education, health care, or bail outs. They are supposed to defend our boarders and a couple other things.

Above is an article about a man who was a victim and was charged as a criminal. He wins against the lawsuit, sort of. He is still ordered to pay reparations. WTF? Why? For making a citizens arrest against people illegally on his property? This is bullshit of the worst kind.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Movies and TV

I have been on the road the past three weeks and over the weekends I saw four movies. Two of the movies really made me think.

The first movie that got my mind racing was "TAKEN". This movie is about an ex CIA man who will stop at nothing to save his daughter who has been kidnapped by Armenian gangster so they can sell her as a sex slave. When I say stop at nothing, I mean stop at nothing. His only wish is to get his daughter back and anyone who stands in his way is dead or hurting. The raw killing and torture took even me by surprise as I fought back my liberal teachings that tell me only necessary force is needed. I had to regroup and place myself in the scenario to really appreciate what he was feeling. Not something easily done since I have no children.

While I was watching the lead character interrogate a man, it went from water boarding to far worse. I sat and wondered how many liberals were watching this movie and agreeing with the main characters actions, since it was justified because the bad guy was known to be a bad guy. I wanted to jump up, pause the movie, and ask for a show of hands for how many liberals there were in the theater. The friend I was with told me that the TV show 24 is similar in the main character will shoot someone in order to get information. I have never seen the show. HOW COME HE HAS NEVER BEEN PROSECUTED? That show is extremely popular so I know there have to be some liberals who watch it. Why are they not disgusted by what is portrayed on the screen? I think they are not disgusted because they know the person being tortured is a true bad guy. Well, I would like to believe that the people our CIA and military intelligence interrogate have a pretty good idea they have a bad guy in their hands.

The second movie took me by surprise as I thought I was going to see a WWII version of Rambo, where Daniel Craig goes on a rampage against Nazis. Imagine my surprise when "Defiant" turns out to be about 4 Jewish brothers who survive after their parents are slaughtered by fellow Russians at the behest of Nazi Germany. I love history but have to be honest and say I have not studied much more then the high points of the Russian/German front. I had never heard of these brothers nor the battle that took place in the forest that is the main setting of this movie. What is interesting is the feeling of the Jews who hide in the forest. Most are business men and intellectuals who look down on the brothers for being thugs and peasants. Yet they turn to them for their survival skills and leadership. The two oldest brothers fight over how best to survive, with one brother wanting to raid and kill any Nazi sympathizers in order to take food and supplies, while only sharing with those Jews who help in the fighting. The other brother wants to prevent blood shed and help all the Jews regardless of their contributions. The brothers end up separating with one joining Russian forces with a group of Jews and the other staying with a hundred plus people trying to stay alive through a Russian winter.

This movie was much more interesting in its portrayal of right and wrong. In my limited associations with Jewish people I have found that they are extremely organized and efficient. This is portrayed in the movie and all people are documented and their skills accessed. They are then assigned jobs and all are trained to fire a weapon. At one point, one of the men who scouts for food decides he and the other scouts should be first to get food and get more then the others. This caused a debate between me and my liberal friend. I did not agree with this view. In my eyes, this was a commune where everyone had a role and everyone shared equally. No one was without a job so no one did less then the other. Yes, the scouts did the more dangerous work, but with out the others they would not have had clothes, shoes, shelter, or repaired weapons. I will not ruin the movie by discussing what happens but I did agree with the way it was handled.

The funniest part of this movie watching the internal fighting over right and wrong during the war. The intellectuals wanted no violence even though all the other Jews had been slaughtered, including their wives, husbands, sons, and daughters. This amazed me. To not defend ones self and loved ones goes against every thing I feel instinctual. To roll over and die does not seem human. The best line comes after a German soldier has been captured and the people are interrogating him. They find out the Germans will be coming into the forest. The Jews who surround this soldier, decide to focus their anguish and hatred on this one soldier. But in comes the intellectual who screams, "Wait, if he promises to not tell them where we are can we let him go?" Seriously? This is the same guy who steps outside unarmed after hearing a scary noise outside the house. COME ON.

War is hell and when you are out numbered and being slaughtered, I do not believe any quarter should be given. Both movies show raw human emotion and put you in a position to ask yourself, "What would I do?". I know their is good and evil in this world. I do not believe that the way to beat evil is with kindness or hugs. I believe the way to beat evil is by being as brutal and devious as the enemy. The difference between good and evil is that the good can stop once the evil is defeated.

I love my family, my friends, and others who try and live good decent lives. I have no compassion for people who lie, cheat, and steal from hard working individuals. I have no compassion for religious zealots, no matter what religion, who preach hate and destruction on those who believe differently then them. I believe all men and women are created equal, but there are givers and there are takers. The givers enhance society by making it better, whether big or small, they do what they can. Takers offer nothing but fear, loathing, and death. For the takers of the world I feel the only way is to get rid of them.

I do not believe that a measure of society is the state of its prisons, I believe the measure of society is the way it treats the victims.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Arizona Shooter

Are you a normal citizen and have no idea what is going on with your country and your states? Do you wonder what would happen if the constitution was actually followed and states controlled themselves and the fed staid out of it? Well I do. I believe in the constitution as it was written. i believe the fore founders where visionaries and foresaw what would become of our country before it ever happened. The bible says the meek shall inherit the earth and a good question is, do liberals equal meek? Because that is what is happening. The weak are running things and the hard willed are forced to break the law in order to defend themselves and their family.

I am a life long conservative, maybe even a life long libertarian. I believe that our fore fathers wanted limited government and wanted the states to rule themselves. I believe that people are different and that when it comes to our major issues as a country they can be separated as a country by the states making their own rules. California and the other coastal states that seem to be liberal can run themselves that way, while central states maintain conservative views.

We can remain the United States as long as each state is allowed to maintain it’s own views. I hail from Arizona which has allowed both Democrat and Republican leadership, while maintaining its second amendment rights. My belief is that America is made up of different ideologies but have similar goals. America’s main goal is the freedom of all people. Second is the allowance of difference of opinion. Third is the freedom of persecution. Meaning, all people are allowed to do as they want as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others, including the young and influential. That last part could be confusing so let me elaborate. People are allowed to act as they want as long as they do not impose on others and do not raise their children based on outlandish ideals.

Here is where we get controversial. I do not believe that all humans are allowed to procreate and keep their children. I believe that GOOD people are allowed to procreate and raise children. Bad parents should lose their children and be given to good people who actually want children.

This blog is written by an American in hopes to better America. I have served my country and I hope to see it prosper a long, long time. I fear that the meek have weakened it and wish to turn it into a criminal heaven based on double meaning and innuendo. I long for the politician to come along that is able to create legislature that rewrites the laws into English that all Americans can easily understand and no lawyer is needed to interpret.