Sunday, February 1, 2009

Arizona Shooter

Are you a normal citizen and have no idea what is going on with your country and your states? Do you wonder what would happen if the constitution was actually followed and states controlled themselves and the fed staid out of it? Well I do. I believe in the constitution as it was written. i believe the fore founders where visionaries and foresaw what would become of our country before it ever happened. The bible says the meek shall inherit the earth and a good question is, do liberals equal meek? Because that is what is happening. The weak are running things and the hard willed are forced to break the law in order to defend themselves and their family.

I am a life long conservative, maybe even a life long libertarian. I believe that our fore fathers wanted limited government and wanted the states to rule themselves. I believe that people are different and that when it comes to our major issues as a country they can be separated as a country by the states making their own rules. California and the other coastal states that seem to be liberal can run themselves that way, while central states maintain conservative views.

We can remain the United States as long as each state is allowed to maintain it’s own views. I hail from Arizona which has allowed both Democrat and Republican leadership, while maintaining its second amendment rights. My belief is that America is made up of different ideologies but have similar goals. America’s main goal is the freedom of all people. Second is the allowance of difference of opinion. Third is the freedom of persecution. Meaning, all people are allowed to do as they want as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others, including the young and influential. That last part could be confusing so let me elaborate. People are allowed to act as they want as long as they do not impose on others and do not raise their children based on outlandish ideals.

Here is where we get controversial. I do not believe that all humans are allowed to procreate and keep their children. I believe that GOOD people are allowed to procreate and raise children. Bad parents should lose their children and be given to good people who actually want children.

This blog is written by an American in hopes to better America. I have served my country and I hope to see it prosper a long, long time. I fear that the meek have weakened it and wish to turn it into a criminal heaven based on double meaning and innuendo. I long for the politician to come along that is able to create legislature that rewrites the laws into English that all Americans can easily understand and no lawyer is needed to interpret.

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