Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unjust Justice

I ask you, what is the difference between a police officer and a civilian? My answer, nothing.

I believe police officers are payed and trained to handle big issues in progress, paper work, and investigations. I believe the same goes for federal law enforcement. The INS and Border Patrol are a good example of federal law enforcement who's full time job it is to keep illegal entrance into our country at a minimum. However, it is EVERY CITIZENS, job to prevent crime. The cops are just here to clean up and investigate afterward. Vigilante justice is a bad phrase that is put on any citizen who protects him/herself, family, property, or in some cases country. I am not a member of the Minute Men but I believe what they are doing is legal and patriotic. They are doing what the Federal Government is mandated to do. No where in the constitution is it stated that the Federal Government is supposed to be worried about education, health care, or bail outs. They are supposed to defend our boarders and a couple other things.

Above is an article about a man who was a victim and was charged as a criminal. He wins against the lawsuit, sort of. He is still ordered to pay reparations. WTF? Why? For making a citizens arrest against people illegally on his property? This is bullshit of the worst kind.

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