Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is Wrong with Us???

We are at war and our own technology is being used against us. I am all for freedom of the press and the first amendment, but there has to be a happy middle ground when it comes to war and national security. I hate the term national security now that it has been over used and misused. Well according to Movies and TV its misused constantly in order for the government to cover up anything it doesn't want people to know. But I digress.

Now this story below was not broken by American news so I can not blame them. I can blame Google for allowing its awesome program to be used against America. I love looking at Google earth all the time, but the views are outdated so they should be able to edit bases around the world. One time I looked up my old base and counted how many planes were on the tarmac and where. I was able to tell that my squadron, a combat squadron, was deployed when the picture was taken because there were only a few birds on the ground and now support equipment around. That is not right, not right at all.

Now you may be asking yourself, who cares since the pictures are usually out dated. Well, I don't know if the minute they put them up is right after they were taken. I also know that the bases structures, roads, and security gates are easily visible on google earth. This allows incredible Intel to anyone wanting it and possibly willing to exploit it.


We are being laughed at people. We portray ourselves as weak willed and weak hearted. Our enemies think we are all idiots and I believe it is only geography that prevents them from storming our gates. When will we wake up and do what is necessary?

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