Saturday, February 28, 2009

What is Our Responsibility

What is the responsibility of a citizen?

I wonder that on a daily basis.

Isn't it the citizens responsibility to contribute to civilization? That is what I believe. I believe all productive citizens contribute to societies greatness. It is America's unique application of freedom that allows every individual to offer an opinion and have a say to the way things are run. That is at least the way it is supposed to be. It is the way our forefathers believed this country needed to be run. They had a lot of power and they turned it over to the people. That is proof in their honor and belief in man kind. They led us away from big government and put the responsibility on the individuals head.

We shit on that and have given power back to a central government. We no longer accept responsibility for our own actions.

Ask yourself this. Who is going to be there for me when a disaster hits?

If you answer anything other than "ME", then you are not a citizen, you are an ant in a commune.

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