Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spin, Half Truths, and Omittance


That is the current state of affairs in American politics. Regardless of the facts in front of our faces, we are told we are wrong, racists, or worse.

Obama's speech today was all about the haters out there keeping reform down. His speech sounded just like his campaign speeches. Well Mr. President you are no longer on the campaign trail. As you and the other democrats like to point out, you won, so now we need your leadership. Enough with the vague references to change and reform. Give us a plan, with facts, numbers, and time line; you might just convince some of us.

Opponents to everything Obama does, quit spinning the facts. 1 trillion over 10 years is 100 billion a year. That is a big enough number to still scare a lot of us so no need to inflate it to make more frightening.

Obama defenders, opposition to Obama speaking at schools had nothing to do with not wanting the President of the United States to talk to their kids. It had to do with the fact that homework was sent out to kids to write about how they could help the President. With your past and our fears of socialism, it was a little to much like recruiting. The fact that his speech was released a week later does not diminish the fact that the homework sounded odd. It would have felt a lot more comfortable asking, “How can you help America.”

We, Americans, are also being asked to believe that a man who professed to be a communist, wrote books about subversion, and created green jobs as a euphemism for communism, somehow reformed the day he took the White House job. We are also asked to believe that he did not read a piece of paper that said the government was behind 9/11. If that is what you believe then say it proudly, it is your right to believe what you wish. Just do not expect American’s to like it or to be so gullible to believe you have changed your mind or didn’t read something that strongly worded.

A warning to all politicians, your past hate is easily documented these days. It is the American citizen’s right to demand you stay out of their government.

Media, you are the worst of all of them. You claim that you are the sole protector of information and keep the politicians in check. Yet the news shows reporters reading the Presidents speech calling opponents nuts, then adding something similar to a footnote that the original uproar was caused by the homework. Van Jones was not covered by anyone other than Fox News until SUNDAY and even then you allowed buffoons to go unchallenged when they said this was a right wing witch hunt. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

We, Americans, will not be fooled by spin, half truths, and omitting the facts you politicians hope you can get past us. We will remain vigilant, we will investigate the facts, and we will demand your resignation if you deserve it.

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