Monday, March 30, 2009

Malfunction Makes Man A Criminal part 2

This man has now been sentenced to 30 months. THIRTY FREAKING MONTHS!!!! For a 20 year old malfunctioning rifle. I have researced a little more into this and found out that the manufacturer has ordered a recall for this problem and that even the ATF ordered a recall for this problem 20 years ago, but would not show the document to the defense.

The testers where not able to reproduce the problem with this weapon until they used one specific ammo. How can a rifle be deemed a machine gun when it only fires full auto intermittently? I just don't get it and I do not understand why the BATFE went after this guy so bad. What happened to common sense? Why do the BATFE hate gun owners? I know it is their job to track down bad people with guns, but this guy was a clean living citizen, veteran, father, and non-criminal.

This is bullshit and every American should be scared shitless. Your rights can be infringed upon at anytime, for any reason, and whether your fault or not you will go to jail.

I love Arizona but if this happens here I am moving to Texas.......

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