Tuesday, May 19, 2009

911 Call -

This is a verified 911 call from a woman who filed 6, yes read it again, 6 complaints against Ryan Bergner a guy she had gone on one date with. I am not sure if she filed a restraining order or if the police ever had a reason to arrest the guy before this night. But the point is that no matter what, this night, she had only herself to rely on and a Fantastic Friend's gun.

Remember the saying: "Police, minutes away when seconds count".

Watch the time the call started and when it ends. I can not hear gun shots, but apparently they were muffled or something.

For those of you who say we would all be safer if there were no guns, I remind you that the gun is the great equalizer. No longer can someone pick on another just because they are bigger or stronger. Women if you fear rape, get training and a then buy a gun. Women are targets just for being women. Make the bad guys pay for thinking you are the weaker sex.

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