Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glenn Beck at CPAC

What does conservatism mean? It means taking personal responsibility! - Glenn Beck

I swear he reads my blog, lol. Progressives are the enemy and they are in both parties.

Glenn Beck gives a great speech at CPAC. It is an hour long so watch or listen in segments. Feel free to comment on it below.


Fluffy said...

I listened to the whole thing. I didn't think it was great but let's not focus on that.

I'd like for you to answer a few questions.

Do you believe that our police force should be privatized? Why or why not?

Do you believe that our fire department should be privatized? Why or why not?

Do you believe that our military should be privatized? Why or why not?

Do you believe that our health care should be privatized? Why or why not?

These are fundamental questions so for each one, please provide the fundamental belief that informs your decision.

Thank you Steve, and I'll take my answer off the air:)

Warthog said...
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Warthog said...

Hello Queen lib!!! I am going to translate this post for those who don't speak liberal.

I listened to the whole thing and while I don't agree with anything he said I can not argue any of his points. So I am going to deflect the issue by asking questions that I think no one can answer without making an argument for universal health care.

Well, I am not one to shy away from debate so I will answer your questions. No I do not think any of the above should be privatized except for health care. Here is why.

Police and Fire have developed over the ages. From the beginning of civilization you had a person who was in charge of keeping the peace and the entire tribe or town folk were a part of the bucket brigade.

If things got too big for the local constable he took volunteers and handled the issue. Think about a town coming together to stop a bank robbery back in the wild west days or think of a sheriff and his posse going after a murderer.

As civilization got bigger the towns became cities and they decided to hire and train a professional police force. Now days, we have large cities with large police forces and small towns with one sheriff. There are some towns even today that do not need a local cop and simply rely on the country sheriff. This is their choice.

I do not know this for a fact, but I believe I read that the majority of towns in the USA and around the world are volunteers. It is only in major cities that they have a paid full time fire department. Again it is the town’s choice.

The military is a whole other questions and a very long answer if I go into the fact that we have more contractors in our current wars than there has ever been before.

A private military would be beholden to money and not to country.

Our current health care system works, has worked, and will continue to work. Does that mean it doesn't need improvement? Of course not.

Just like police and fire, if a town wants to pool its money and provide everyone health care that is their business. But if it was put to a vote in my town I would vote no.

Currently, we have an administration that is trying to pass a bill that affects all Americans and puts the burden of support on the hard working to support the slackers. Yes, there may be some good people on hard times who need help as well and that is a shame. They are being over looked, even punished, for the huge number of abusers and slackers that so many libs shed a tear for.

I ask you this, if universal health care is so great then why doesn’t the individual states follow Massachusetts lead pass universal health care for the people of their state? My guess is that they know that it would send the hard working people to states that don’t rape them to give to the poor.

It is late and it has been a long day, but I wanted to respond to you quickly. I hope I answered your questions reasonably well. Feel free to ask for clarification and I welcome any of the other readers to comment as well. I love ya queen lib, but the more people like you want to take from me the angrier I get.

Fluffy said...

Saying that because something has always been done that way, isn't the response I was hoping for, and doesn't help a meaningful discussion on the topic.

So I ask you again...
Why does government provide a fire department to save someone's property and life from fire? Why should that be the government's role?

It's a very simple question. I understand you're tired so take your time. I just want to understand your position on that one thing.

Warthog said...

I answered your question. But I will elaborate some more.

What is the government? What is the government supposed to be?

The government in the USA is made up of representatives appointed by the people. The government is supposed to take care of the things the people decide for them to take care of. Unfortunately, the further away you get from the people aka local to county to state to fed, the less government listens to the people.

So as I said before, the local governments aka the people decided to put together fire departments and some they even pay. THEIR CHOICE. I also point out that if a fire breaks out it can spread through the entire town. Hence everyone’s common interest in a fire dept and the fact they voted on it locally. Key word, locally.

Why is that key? Because locally people know each other, they work together, they play together, and usually they help each other out when times get tough.

Do you know that the police have no duty to protect individual life? Their job is to protect the common good. This was a Supreme Court ruling after someone sued the police for not protecting them from a crime.

We have no right to police, we have no right to a fire department, and we have no right to demand someone else give provide us services of ANY KIND.

Our rights are to be left alone. AKA, don't tell me what I can or can not say, don’t tell me I can not own a weapon to protect myself, don't tell me what religion I must follow, don't infringe upon my property, etc.

You have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PERSUTE OF HAPPINESS. This means no one has the right to take your life, to put you in chains, and deprive you of happiness. It does not mean that anyone but yourself is responsible for you maintaining your life, your liberty, or finding happiness.

Fluffy said...

Since I listened to Glen Beck I would really appreciate if you would return the courtesy and read this: you don't need to comment--just read it.