Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scottsdale woman fires at intruders

This is great, I'm glad to see people defending them self's and there home. What would have happened if she wasn't armed....perhaps she would have been raped or murdered. Or the best case scenario would for her to get away with her life but the criminals would have cleaned out her house and her sense of security would be damaged for the rest of her life.

-A homeowner shot at two people trying to break into her Scottsdale home after one kicked through the door, according to Scottsdale police Wednesday.

The 47-year-old woman heard the doorbell ringing continuously Tuesday morning while she was sleeping at her home on the 10000 block of North 74th Place. She looked through a peephole and did not recognize the person. She then went to her room to get her cell phone and handgun, according to a press release.

When she returned, the first person, whose face was hidden by a hooded sweatshirt, backed away as another person kicked the door, knocking a hole through it. The woman was knocked down and received some facial injuries, police said.

The woman then placed her gun through the hole and fired two rounds. They fled in a dark Nissan Maxima, police said, and that's when the woman called the police.

The woman, who did not require medical treatment, said she was unsure if either of the two suspects were wounded.

The case is under investigation.

by Jolie McCullough - Feb. 10, 2010 06:15 PM
The Arizona Republic

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Warthog said...

Wow, this woman is very lucky.

Just another example of a gun saving a persons life and property.

This won't make national news.