Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great-grandma dared cop to Tase her, so he did

Thanks for this Mike.

Watch the time stamp. 7 minutes go by.

Obey the law. I will not make excuses for the cop but a full seven minutes goes by with him taking her abuse. He is twice her size and I wonder if his thought process after trying to grab her arm was this. If I fight with this woman and we fall I can seriously injure her. I can tase her and she falls in the grass.

This is a direct result of her actions, not a disgruntled cop who wanted to pick on an old lady. She should have known better then to act that way and her lying afterward shows the character of this woman. I commend the officer for his patience and for being put into such a horrible position. Sorry that this women has now made you a national pariah

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