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Lies and Misinformation

It is best to read my previous blog titled, ‘New Bills That Need Your Support”, before you read this one.
Here is a link to the Bill that is being discussed below and a paragraph taken from the fact sheet. Remember the paragraph as it is important to this post.

1. Allows a CCW permit holder to carry a concealed handgun into the on-sale retail premises where food is sold for on-site consumption prepared in a kitchen located on the premises, unless the licensee posts a sign at the primary entrance or entrances prohibiting the possession of weapons on the premises.

I do not take one source of information as fact or truth, ever. Sometimes it gets my hopes up, but often I find it can not be validated by any other source. I always try to provide sources for the statements I make on this blog and when I can not I state it as my opinion.
Misinformation and writer bias can come in different ways though. An article can have all the facts but still be biased by the way the facts are presented. It can also use quotes from idiot people who state things as if they are fact and since it is quoted apparently the author does not have to substantiate the person’s claims. I have found this to be true in The Arizona Republic article: “Gun measure riles restaurant, bar owners in Arizona” written by Amy B Wang. http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2009/06/22/20090622guns0622.html#reply17787244

This is going to be a long post because I am going to tear up this article. So schedule some time before you start reading.

The article starts off with a negative against the bill which makes sense after reading the title. But why not start off with what the actual bill states? Why not give the facts of the bill then go into why some bar owners are against it and God forbid, why some would be for it. I live in a dream world I know.

First quote:
"People realize alcohol and guns don't mix," said Al McCarthy, owner of Duke's Sports Bar & Grill in Scottsdale. "This is going back to the Wyatt Earp days of the Wild Wild West."

Warthog’s response:
This is very true. Guns and alcohol do not mix. That is why the bill states that the person carrying the gun can not be drinking. It is also my understanding that this bill is only meant for restaurants that serve mostly food, i.e. Applebee’s, Chili’s , Outback, etc.

Second quote:
McCarthy, who has been in the restaurant industry for 18 years, insisted that bars and restaurants were probably "one of the safest commercial places in your neighborhoods."

Warthog’s response:
You have got to be kidding me that the author put this quote in. Warthog says, “I am almost always right some of the time, except when I am not.” Makes about as much sense, doesn’t it? Now, let’s break it down. When I think of restaurants, bars, and violence I have to call bullshit on Mr. McCarthy. I am thinking Red Fish and Teakwood’s right of the bat. These two Restaurant/bars had shootings and people killed. I do not know the ratio of food to alcohol sales but Red Fish is a seafood restaurant with a separate bar, while Teakwood’s is a sports bar. This does not even mention the fact that adding bars to the equation automatically proves the above statement false as no where else are there bouncers needed. It is also not a valid argument as Bars (places one does not go mainly for food) would still not allow firearms. Now, let’s think about other areas around our home and try to think of more dangerous places. Hell, I can’t really think of one other then maybe a covenant store. You all know the ones that have shady looking people hanging around.

Third Quote:
"We're used to dealing with problem makers," he [McCarthy] said. "We get rid of them."

Warthog’s response:
Still think this guy is confused about the difference between a bar and a restaurant. I also point to the fact that bouncers are not armed so no matter how big the guy is he still goes down against the great equalizer the gun. I also refer back to another one of my blog posts: http://arizonashooter.blogspot.com/2009/05/suzanna-gratia-hupp-what-second.html
Now, I don’t think Luby’s sells alcohol so it would have been legal in Arizona, but this could and has happened at other restaurants. Mr. McCarthy, how would you get rid of someone like the man above? Wait, I already know. You would call the police. I appreciate that; make sure you tell them to bring a lot of chalk for all the dead bodies.

I am done with the quotes. This article is filled with stupid quotes that continue to argue the same point that alcohol and guns do not mix. Well no shit and that is not the point of the bill. No one wants to be able to do shots, literally shoot someone. Well, no one I know.

On to the CYA part of the story which is the proponent side of the story, which offers a quote from Priscilla Johnson, general manager of a Denny’s:
"People come in all the time with guns," said Johnson, whose Denny's is one of a few in the national restaurant chain that serves alcohol. "Not like, 'Hey, I got a gun,' you know, but you can see it in their jacket."

Warthog’s response:
So as you can see I lied about being done with the quotes. My journalistic integrity is out the window. Maybe I will get an offer from the New Times.

Here is my favorite quote of the article. I have mixed in the description as well.

Bill Smith, whose management company Smith Hospitality Group owns or operates several Phoenix-area establishments, said he didn't know any restaurant owner in favor of the bill.
His company manages Rawhide, a Chandler theme park and eatery modeled after the Wild West, where fake "shootouts" with toy guns frequently take place.
"That's another reason you don't want people carrying guns in there," Smith said. "What worse way to get them completely carried away than for some inebriated guy to walk out on Main Street out there with a loaded weapon and call some guy out? That is a dismal scenario.

Warthog’s response:
Apparently Mr. Smith thinks adults with guns turn very quickly to idiot children and want to have shootouts with real guns. Mr. Smith, read the damn law, you can not drink if you are carrying a gun and if someone is going to break that law then they sure as hell are not going to pay attention to the law saying they are not supposed to have the gun in the store in the first place.

Last quote (I promise):
[From Mr. Smith:] "I just think with all the down-going in the economy now, there's got to be something more important to concentrate on than allowing people to bring guns into restaurants."

Warthog’s response:
It is never a bad time to talk about people individual right to protect themselves, their families, and those innocents around them. It is the bad economy that makes right now the best time to talk about removing the burden of over zealous laws that put people in danger rather then making us safer.

When it comes to the people being quoted, and the supposed majority of bar owners and managers who do not wish to allow guns into their restaurants, it is their right to be afraid. However, it is not their right to leave us defenseless. So read the law people. If you wish to ban guns from your restaurant all it takes is a cheap sign at the door. This will allow people to make the decision of where they want to spend their money. Frankly, I will choose the place that allows me to put my life in my own hands before the place that doesn't.

This article really pissed me off and having reread it again and again, I think that Amy Wang was just being lazy and did not bother to do her homework. If she wanted to really sand bag the bill then she could have done a better job of it.

Laziness does not excuse the lack of investigation and facts into the matter. I would love to see the statistics to back up any of the claims made. Using other peoples words to write an article does not make it okay to lie and misinform. We Arizonans, for the most part, are all able to look at the facts of a case and make our own decisions. Give us the facts and let us figure it out. Leave the bias bullshit to the New Times.

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