Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Debate Continues - White House vs Fox News

The debate continues on whether Fox News is actually a news organization or a right wing mouth piece of the Republican party. The dirty lib sent me the video below and Rachel Maddow makes a good point that no other news organization is openly organizing protests.

Still don't hear anyone actually attacking Glenn (not a reporter) Beck on his stories, but can you be a news organization and support government opposition protests?

Watch the video and tell me what you think.


James said...

I don't care if they are a news agency or not. If their ratings are higher than ever, maybe they are speaking for the majority. The only problem I have is that alot of people will take the information given by this network as gospel. I watch both sides of the aisle. I also do independent research. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Fluffy said...

News is news. Commentary is not news. Don't get me wrong though, I do like commentary but I prefer the commentary of those who are experts or professionals in the subject matter at hand. Newscasters are neither. When it comes to political commentary, newscasters should gather information, bring experts together for fact finding and engage the experts and professionals in intelligent discussion about current issues--nothing else. They should keep their opinions to themselves or use a private forum for their opinions. The fact that some newscasters have gained notarity by being on TV or radio does not, for me, qualify them as anything other TV personalities seeking fame and publicity. The same goes for actors and actresses speaking on issues. It might be entertaining to some, but I don't value their opinon and it certainly doesn't quality as news.

Fluffy said...

So...not only is commentary not news, but news organizations that serve up one-sided commentaries and orchestrate political movements can no longer get away with calling themselves "news organizations." They are not. Therefore, they should not be treated seriously by anyone, especially by our government as if they were. That's the thing I disagree with Rachel on. The other networks should not have insisted that FOX be included in that interview. I have lost faith in Fox as a sourcr for news. Fox has ceased to be a news organization. Fox is an entertainment channel with some news sprinkled to in so their celebrity "newscasters" have something fresh to rant about. And that's fine--there's room for all. As a business decision though, I think Fox has made a big mistake. If I had Fox news stock I'd sell it. Neil Cavuto should get out while he can--he's good:)

Warthog said...

lol, Neil Cavuto is the one I like the least on Fox News. But I recognize my bias. I enjoy Fox News in the evening because they talk about what I want to talk about and I do like hearing people who share my opinion.

By recognizing this and wanting to hear the other side I also force myself to watch MSNBC every once and a while. It hurts though, it really hurts.

If I want to hear news that is mundane and dry I watch CNN.

One plus for Fox News is that they do have news stories on things I care about. Things the other media stations refuse to cover. You can decide what their motives are for not covering them. Tell me why the ACORN scandle is not on all the news outlets?