Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am Healed

Did not spend much time in the car today so I was not subjected to liberalism. Instead I have been flipping through news channels to see how the different cable news organizations present similar stories. Ironically, MSNBC does not come in with a clear signal and I can not hear over the static. I say ironically since I would not be surprised if San Fran is MSNBC's largest market. So it is on to CNN and Foxnews.

No big difference to see today other than the Foxnews' war with the White House.

Can my dirty liberal readers explain why the White House would pick this fight?

Seriously, if Bush had been this sensitive and attacked everyone who hated him on TV he would never have been able to take those vacations. I guess when your only serious threat is "The Daily Show" you don't worry about it. The pot smokers don't vote anyway.

But taking on Fox News whose viewer ship has increased since the election just seems like picking a fight with a gorilla. They have succeeded in causing the other news organizations, White House supporters, to defend Fox and back up the 1st amendment.

I find it hard to believe that this administration can think it is so loved by the other media outlets that they thought they would turn on fellow journalists.

We all know that Fox News leans right, but it has to be recognized that MSNBC leans left and CNN, leaning the least still, leans to the left.

The White House dislikes the editorials specifically Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. They use the editorials as an example of the stations lack of news. Well what is on the other channels at the same time? CNN and MSNBC both run editorials.

How can the sheep be led if they have no one to follow? How can the lazy have talking points if they are not given to them by the so called pundits?

While I do not like far left liberals, I still think they have every right to speak. That is so long as I have every right to not listen.

I do like to listen to Glenn Beck. I do not listen or watch him religiously, but he is entertaining and the things he brings up are interesting though lately they are very conspiracy theorist.

But what if he is right? What if all of the Presidents advisers are communist? Isn't that something you would want to know? Don't you want to know the ones who are self proclaimed communists?

No matter who is talking, whether it be some guy on TV or your very own father, all information presented to you should be independently verified. With the invention of the Internet the ability to look things up from multiple sources is easy. Remember that Wikipedia is not guaranteed to be factual, but often people site their sources so you can use Wikipedia to find multiple sources often covering both sides of an argument.

It is every American's responsibility to be educated and to maintain this countries constitution. This can not be done if you are ignorant and simply follow the loudest voice.

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