Sunday, December 20, 2009

Celebrating Failure

Climate Summit is a huge fail and I am happy.

Health Care Bill looks to fail or be nothing substanial if passed and I am exstatic.

Why am I happy about these failures?

Because they threatened the American way of life I was "Raised" to believe in or should I say I raised myself to believe in. Capitalism is in danger and along with it our freedom. Make no mistake that the hanky stomping leftists want nothing more than to run every facit of your life. WHY? Because they know better than you do. They know who should live, who should die, and when it should all happen. They know how to best spend your money so there is no need for you to keep any of it. You are just being selfish for wanting to keep what you worked for anyway. Anyone with money is stingy and anyone without it is a victim of those with money. Of course, they get to keep their own money. They just want to spend yours.

What about debate? Can't we talk about it?

NO, NO we can not. We can no more talk about socialism as we could talk about communism. Sure the merits of them could be debated outside of our congress but they have no place inside. America is based on free men and women working hard and succeeding or failing on the merit of the work they performed. We have already moved too far away from that and toward socialism. Don't think so? Free lunch in schools, access, welfare, food stamps, public housing, medicare, Medicaid, social security, unemployement, etc.

These are just the ones I know off the top of my head. I am sure there are many more that I am unaware of. I, personally, have experience with all of those. My mother and therefore my sister and I were using them when I was a child and my Grand Mother used SS and Medicare.

You have all heard me say it before, I used to be one of the poor people we all need to help because we are blessed and they poor at no fault of their own. Bullshit, I was poor because my mother chose for us to be poor. We may not have been rich at one point but we had a roof over our head and food. I was very proud of her then, she worked hard and we were a very close family. She then met a man who would take her down a dark path that I will not get into. I will say that he hardly ever worked, was in and out of jail, and my mother lost her job. All because of her decision to be with him. Now mind you, my father was paying child support this whole time so we should never have been without the basics right? I do not know the full amount of the child support but I believe it was enough to at least pay rent and possibly utilities. This means my mother's income was available for all other expenses.

Instead, my mother signed my sister and I up for free lunches, we got food stamps, cheap housing, and other hand outs. My mother would skim through the phone book looking for companies to list on her unemployment form she had to turn in monthly to show she was looking for work. When my mom did work, my eventual step father sat at home all day. Their biggest day of the month was the day my fathers child support check came in. We usually wouldn't see them the rest of that weekend.

My experience with church was limited to those times we needed food and had to sit through a sermon in order to shop in the hand out store.

I was a part of the socialism system and might not have survived without it. But I would not have blamed anyone but my mother for our situation. I escaped that cycle and have made it into the middle class world. My mother and sister still live in that other world I never care to return too. The horrible thing about it is this, I blazed a trail that my sister could have chosen to follow. Instead she followed my mother. She blames everyone but herself for her current situation and it truly saddens me. My mother, fortunately, got rid of the man who took her down the dark path, unfortunately, she has not been able to recover and find her way back to prosperity.

I wonder if those who want to pass laws that force the country to support people, like my mother, have any clue what these people are like? They see them on the news, they see their houses of squalor, but do they see that they are in that situation because they were either born into it or put themselves into it. Either way, life is tough and only you control your destiny. Yes rich people have a head start and the poor have to work  a hell of a lot harder to make it to the top. But truth be told, making it to the middle is not hard at all.

So while I celebrate failure of politicians to fundimentally change America, I encourage everyone to work hard and strive to escalate your position in life. No one will do it for you!!!

If you have a rags to middle class or greater story, please post a comment.

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