Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This Christmas was a blurr and with it came a terrorist attempt. Another idiot pawn sent out to perform a simple plan but unable to pull it off. It makes me wonder if 9/11 wasn't an inside job for the simple fact that none of the terrorists since have been able to pull of a task much simpler. I make that statement in jest of course, maybe Al Quida simply used their smartest in the first go.

When did Yemen become the new Afghanistan? They were never innocent since the USS Cole was hit from Yemen, but all of the sudden there is a lot of Yemen in the news. I was shocked to hear Obama okayed a strike there last week and hurried to find the article. Yemen's government okayed that strike so I was suprisingly proud of our Commander and Chief. Given his attempts to calm relations between America and Islam, I wonder how he plans to hand this current situation. Will he be the Dove we all expect or a Hawk that goes in for the kill.

Regardless of how you feel on Obama's socialist home agenda, lets all hope and pray that his international agenda is the right one.

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