Thursday, December 3, 2009

WTF?!?!?! Part 1

I am in another one of my funks. I can not seem to focus my thoughts and have no clue what is going on in the world. So much has happened in the past two weeks but I can not dicipher their meaning or their cause. Sure I could turn on Fox News or CNN or MSNBC and be told what to think but that is not my style. So instead I am stuck. So to do something constructive and possibly get you guys to help me, I am going to post some of the big news stories over the past month and give you my initial reaction.

- Four Cops Shot in Washington: This just goes to show you that our way of justice is not working. We have prison over crowding so we let people out instead of putting a bullet in their head. WTF???? I am still waiting for the reports to come out that the cop who killed the dirt bag didn't need to kill him and did it out of vengence. Just wait for it and then scream WTF???

-Terrorists tried in NYC: Should have been a military tribunal followed by an execution consisting of being hog tied and fed to wild pigs. Fitting end to worthless trash. But no, we CIVILIZED peoples must complicate things and make a grand showing of doing the proper thing. Brad Thor wrote a book about terrorists hitting multiple targets in NYC in small groups with the main mission being to free a high profile terrorist. (I believe the terrorist in the book might have been the 93 world trade center bomber) The real terrorists can use it as a play book to free these assholes. WTF!!!

-Hikers lost in Iran: This is older than a month but it keeps popping up on the news. WTF were you doing hiking in IRAQ near the IRANIAN border. Either you are shitty spies or mentally challenged. Just like the two reporters caught in North Korea you had to know what you were getting into so suffer the consiquences. Those sailors caught in the Gulf and recently freed were a completely different story. They had a reason to be in the gulf, the gulf is small so when they had an engin malfunction I can understand them floating into Iranian waters. I am not sure what international law states but considering the gulf is so narrow it is hard to believe that any of it is not in one country or the other.

- Cop breaks glass with dirtbags face at train station: Dirtbag had it coming. Didn't look to me that the cop had intended on beating the guy, he was just doing what you see cops do all the time and that is dominate the perp by slamming him against something until he gets him handcuffed. Unfortunately, this time the something was weak and broke making it look like the cop was trying to force the guy through the wall. To the glass I have to say WTF??? why you got to make the popo look bad?

- Sarah Palin: I am back and forth on this lady. When I hear about her work in Alaska I am impressed. Especially her taking on members of her own party and actually getting them thrown in jail. That is impressive. But her image on TV drives me nuts. She does not come off as intelligent and sounds like a giddy school girl. I can not have a president that says "Golly".  WTF??? I also do not like people who complain about everything but never give their own fix.

-Sarah Palin's haters: You idiots who say Palin has no experience are all sheep and need to be stuffed in a closet. Regardless of my reasons for not liking her for president she has more experience than our current president. WTF??? SHE RAN A FRIGGIN STATE. You can not say that a person who never ran anything but a campaign is qualified for president and a year later complain that a person who ran a state is not.

- Out of context: I am SO friggin sick of people taking sound bites and using them out of context. This is not aimed at anyone in particular because everyone is doing it. From this blog you could take a clip of my writing and make me sound like I am a liberal hippie if you wanted to. I am sick of having to go find the whole story or the whole video clip to find out the context of why someone said something or other. 9 times out of 10 the words on their own are damning but in the full context of the conversation they either make sense or don't sound as bad. You people who are editing know what you are doing so WTF??? is your problem?

- Global Warming: I am so torn with this because the information was stolen by criminals, but these criminals have possibly released a global scam of epic proportions. Whether this info shows that global warming is not as serious as stated by Al "MANBEARPIG" GORE or not, we all have to realize that this planet is not here for our amusement. We are sembiant with it and if we abuse it unabated we will surely all die.

To be continued....


Matt said...

I see that Ishmael has left a bit of an impression upon you.....

Warthog said...

Ishmael has left an impression, but I have always felt that while global warming is not going on like Al Gore states, power consumption is not withouts its after effects until we advance to renewable energy.

James said...

WTF..............happened to part 2??