Monday, July 12, 2010

Finding My Niche

When the King of the Dirty Libs called me out for not commenting on the Oil Spill it got me thinking. What exactly is it that I write about?

When I started this blog I did it so I could voice my opinion to the world without them asking for my opinion. I thought it might actually offer my friends a reprieve from my constant pontificating about current events, politics, and personal protection.

The name of the blog was never meant to be defining, but it seems that since it is Arizona Shooter it should be more about gun related topics.

So I am asking you, my readers, what do you want to hear me spill my guts about? There is a poll at the top of the blog so that you can select some items or The poll gadget did not work so feel free to comment on this post to elaborate tell me what you think.

Should we Focus on:
  •  Gun topics
  • State politics
  • Federal politics
  • All current events
  • Stop writing cuz no one is listening
  • Keep doing what we are doing

All suggestions will be read most will be ignored.


James Nelson said...

What ever you want to go on about, is ok with me. I read blogs to get other people's ideas and feelings.

Warthog said...

Thank you James and we appreatiate you stopping by. Feel free to comment more often.

We love debate here and treat everyone with respect.

Moe said...

I love your rants about current events. And seahorses.

Did you get my email about La Verkin UT and their gun law? You probably heard about it already, but THAT is something I would probably debate with case you were feeling unchallenged.