Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Logo

Arizona Shooter has a new logo thanks to Mediumx.

It is a lot more colorful and less threatening to the timid masses. We believe it is a clear reflection of our mission here at Arizona Shooter.

The American and Arizona flag protruding from behind the shield represent our willingness to defend both State and Country from those who would see it destroyed. This goes for both foreign and domestic enemies.

The shield also represents our defensive mindset both in personal protection and that of our country and state. We do not look for trouble but we will not back down from it.

The quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe describes our philosophy that everyone has a personal responsibility to keep their own lives in order and not an expectation that someone else will take care of them.

The Arizona Shooters are normal American Patriots who wish to see everyone take responsibility for their actions and we strive to bring awareness to our readers. No longer can people just bury their heads in the sand and forget that their are enemies all around them.

As Mediumx recently told a reader, "if you bury your head in the sand don't be surprised when you find that someone has stolen the sand from around you." Warthog was not as kind and told the reader that it left his ass in the air to be raped.

Regardless of what you think of our politics, we hope you arm yourselves with the knowledge to agree with us or to honestly debate us. Either way we all win. We don't mind people who argue with us as long as that person has an intelligent opinion, has researched their facts, and are not solely regurgitating what they heard from a political pundent or talking head on cable.

We hope you enjoy the new logo and please leave a comment on what you think.


Parrothead Jeff said...

I like the new logo! Keep up the great work ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like it... :-)