Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Barrack's Birth Certificate

I am here to put a rest to the issue of Barrack's Birth Certificate (BC). I have researched the hubbub and found that the Certification of Birth is what Hawaii issues if you request a copy of your birth certificate.


I was never very interested in this story until the dirty liberal asked me about what I thought. So I started doing some research and found some weird things ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. I did not find the above info right away.

The picture of the Certification of Birth (CB) bothered me because it did not look like my BC. This made me wonder what the hell a CB was. I then found sites that claimed a CB was given to just anyone no matter where they were born. One example said that an American who has a baby in another country can then come home and ask for a CB. So I wondered why wouldn't Barrack shows his real BC.

I blame Hawaii and Barrack's mother. Hawaii for changing their documentation filing and going strictly to pc. I blame Barrack's mom for not keeping his original.

I do not know how many of you have your original BC but I do not. When I went to get a drivers license at 16, my mom had to request one from the hospital I was born in. So if Barrack had to do the same thing and all Hawaii gives is a CB, then WHAT ELSE CAN HE DO?

Now here is the real crime. HOW COME I HAVE NOT HEARD MY EXPLANATION ALL OVER THE NEWS? If I can find it they should be able to also. I hear people defending Barrack, but all they say is case closed so and so said it was good. Never did I hear an explanation of what a CB is.

I swear when shit like this happens I have to wonder what they are trying to distract us from. Point out Barrack's BC and hope we forget about Universal Health Care?

The bad thing is, it probably worked.


Anonymous said...

I'm 66 years old and to say I'm frightened by parts (most) of the possible Health Care proposal is to say the very least. I would like to comment that I have my original Birth Certificate in a safe about 4 feet from me. My mother gave it to me when I applied for my first driver's license and told me not to lose it. I haven't. Being a common man who has moved, traveled, been married more than once, changed occupations and jobs more than once, and a veteran of the military, I was able to keep it somewhere safe. A CB is what hospitals issue when a baby is born, and they are not acceptable to the US Government to sign up for Social Security. If they aren't accepted there it seems they shouldn't be accepted to run for any public elected office, let alone the office of President of the United States. My comments and a dollar and a good shopper might get a cup of coffee.

Warthog said...

LOL, thanks for the comment.

I agree that if you have your BC you should keep it protected.

If you have a link that shows that a CB is not acceptable to sign up for social security I would appreciate you posting it.

As far as my research showed, Hawaii considers the CB to be the only thing you can get if you do not have the original or did not get a BC 8 years ago.

My thought on it is, if NO ONE can get a BC in Hawaii and they only issue a CB we can not expect Obama to get one either.

Also, if he was not a natural born American, I think Clinton would have been the first to find out. The Clintons are well known for their Private Investigator Army. That and people misteriously commiting suicide.

Shawn said...

Did you hear Michael Jackson died?


It's just magic tricks. Keep everyone focused on the show hand while the other one does the switch.