Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Universal Health Care

Email from Dirty Liberal about my Barrack Birth Certificate post - I think you might be right about the distraction part. But here is your next dirty lib challenge. How "universal" is the health care plan? Is it rally socialized medicine or is it just the same type of program offered to our veterans? I am not saying that they do not deserve it, of course they do but this plan is not eliminating private insurance. It is just giving people a choice.

I am glad the Dirty Liberal brought this up. I was debating talking about it on here. Last night I watched Bill Maher and it was all I could do to not break things and vent my spleen on this blog till morning. Bill Maher also brought up the veteran's comment and I find it funny that the Dirty Lib uses the comment today. Either he watched the show too or it is the new rallying cry of the left.

Let me tell you the difference between Universal Health Care and the VA. The VA is set up to take care of the men and women who have put their lives on the line for our country. We, the citizens of the USA, owe it to them to take care of them. These are people who have either been injured in the military or retired from the military.

I have not done research on this and from talking with friends I have heard different things, but as far as I know, I do not qualify for VA medical benefits. I did my 4 years and got out uninjured. I do not feel I should get benefits, but that is another discussion I think.

Comparing a system set up to protect those who are willing to put their country before self and a system to provide anyone, including slackers, health care is rediculous.

As for Universal Health Care, I do not want anything Nationalized. I want government to keep to the mandates stated by the constitution. I did not see health care anywhere in there.

Now if you want to know what I think we should do to make health care cheaper then read William Johnstone's book, "Out of Ashes". A book I bought the dirty lib but he has not read. It would have to be adjusted from the book but that is because you weak ass liberal pusses would never adopt the other things written about in the book.


James said...
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Anonymous said...

As far as the “choice” between universal healthcare or the one you currently have. That is bogus and Obama knows it! Once this socialized healthcare system is in place, all the government has to do is strong arm the insurance companies out of the business and then all we will have to chose from is government run healthcare, unless if you are wealthy enough to buy the best... The only reason he keeps saying you can keep your plan you have now is because he knows if the uninformed Americans figure out what he is really up to there would be no way he could get this through. I heard a statistic today that 80% of all insured like their current plan. I will bet if they had the option between what they have now and the government run option, that percentage would go up even further.

We already have an example of what a great job our government does with healthcare. All we have to do is look at Medicare. The program is going bankrupt and they have played a large part in the increases in costs of our insurance plans. Doctors and hospitals can’t get the money owed to them by the government so they go to the public plans and raise their (our) costs. It is the same argument as taxing the rich. What the average American doesn’t realize is rich people don’t pay taxes! We pay their taxes for them. Why is it so difficult to understand that if you raise taxes on Mr. Wal-Mart he will simply raise the prices on the products he sells. So now the government is trying to “fix” the healthcare system that they had a large part in breaking!!!

I do have a little more faith in my fellow American because Obama’s ratings are dropping, and it seems the longer it takes to pass this travesty more people are waking up to the horrible idea it really is. If he pushes it through anyway (God forbid) I think we won’t see a democrat president for a long time… I am just afraid it will take decades to reverse the things implemented under this atrocity of a president. He is moving so fast to push all of this socialism down our throats, and I think he is doing this fast because he knows his time is limited.

I know what you are saying about his birth certificate, I would agree with you that it is a ploy to keep the people focused on one thing while he is destroying America as we know it, except it doesn’t seem like the “main stream media” is talking much about it. They seem to be writing it off as a non issue. Did your investigation lead you to believe that he is qualified?

The only other thing I can say is… Al Franken? What the F- were you thinking Minnesota