Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sam Dieteman

Congratulations to Sam Dieteman and his lawyers for escaping the death penalty and only getting life in prison. Congratulations in duping 12 people into believing you are sorry for what you did and for getting mercy by doing one noble thing by telling the truth. I hope you life in prison is rape filled and the beatings are a plenty.

Arizona, I was really starting to think things were changing here. We passed some gun laws that put responsibility back in the hands of law abiding people, though it shouldn't have been necessary. We have a sheriff that cracks down on crime and tells liberals to piss off.

We as Arizonans should have been patrolling the neighborhoods these jackasses where terrorizing for 14 months. We should have been armed and ready to fight back. Instead, people hunted a hole and lived in fear. This is the power we allow criminals to have over us.

We must stop the us against them mentality that has formed to drive a wedge between citizens and police. They are not our enemy; they are our protectors. Police also have to know that the law abiding citizens are on their side. So thank the officer the next time he or she gives you a ticket you damn well know you deserve.

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