Thursday, July 23, 2009


Currently in Texas!!! Got to love a place that puts a high price on Personal Responsibility. Now I am not saying all of Texas is that way, but I would have to say a good majority. I also love a place that instills pride in being from or living in it.

You never hear anyone say with pride that they are from Arizona. That is mostly because not many are actually native to Arizona. I claim Arizona as where I am from but in truth I moved there when I was 7. I am actually from Illinois, I know, Illinois can you believe that. The newly risen liberal capital of the US.

Back to Texas, I have always said that if things got real bad and Texas ceded from the union I would have to move there. I think I would fit in. Though, I would get bored quickly since I would have few liberal dirtbags to debate with.

On a bright and shiny note: John, aka dirty liberal I work with, has now bought his third gun in less then three months. It should be noted that each gun serves a different purpose. He has been practicing hard and recently took his CCW certification. He is still a dirty liberal but he is now a gun toting dirty liberal. Maybe, as reality seeps in to his Idealistic brain, he might even see that socialism and hand outs are good for only the worthless.

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