Monday, July 27, 2009

Delayed and Blogging

I am sitting at Sky Harbor Airport bored; my flight to San Fran has been delayed, so I think I will blog. I have been real busy lately and have slacked on getting to some pretty import things lately. Since I have not had time to fully investigate these items I will put them up and I will let you tell me what is happening.

- White cop arrests Black Professor: If the president can opine on this topic with out all the facts so can I. At first I was a little upset that a man could be arrested from his own home regardless of color, but as more info has come out and other witnesses have stepped forward I think this professor is just a prick who started the fight because HE is a racist. AGAIN I DO NOT KNOW THE FACTS. But I can just picture this professor automatically making this about race and then berating the officer both inside the house and outside. Another officer, who was black and on site, said he would have arrested the man too.

- Reciprocity bill fails to pass in Senate. From what I understand this bill would have allowed concealed carry holders to carry concealed in any state that also allowed concealed carry. This is another bill that would have forced law makers to obey the Constitution. In truth, I do not think this bill would have done much anyway, since I have a list of states that have reciprocity with Arizona and most do. I know James might have a difference of opinion so I look forward to his take.

- Dirty liberal turned Dirty Harry. Went shooting this Sunday with my dirty liberal co-worker/friend and I was very impressed. I should note that we made it out to the desert at 6:45am which was not bad, but an hour later we were sweating into our eyes and had to go. It would have been perfect if we got there at 6am, but I was not waking up at 4am.

For a guy who just started shooting he is an excellent shot, hell for a guy who has been shooting for a long time he is good. He is still at the basic stand and shoot stage of his training, this is only about two months in, but I think he is ready to start moving to the next step which is practicing drawing and firing which we did some of on Sunday. It is always funny to watch someone move to the next step, myself included, because you lose all cockiness you had before. You start to realize that the chances of getting into a shooting match with someone with your gun already drawn, time to breath, and time to aim are minimal. You also start to notice that your great new holster and that having too many safeties sucks.

- John is new to this so none of this is derogatory and I want to use these lessons for other new shooters. It is rare to find a new shooter who is so gung ho. Here is what I learned from watching John.

1. Belt selection is critical. People often think they any belt will work and that is not the truth. I have gone through a lot of belts myself looking for the perfect mix of normal attire, conceal carry, and open carry.

2. Holster: John bought a holster I recommended for him when he only planned on having the gun in the house and to take to the range. You have all seen them, it is a soft ambidextrous holster that fits multiple different pistols and has a snapping strap that goes over the grip.

3. Safety and no round in chamber: John loves his safeties and does not believe in carrying his weapon with a round in the chamber. I am interested in his opinion after yesterdays outing.

Let’s bring these three things together in what we experienced when I had John stand at the line and draw fire with his set up as is. John had a soft thin belt which had a lot of play in it. He also had the soft holster which has a big loop for all different sizes of belts. Together this made for over 6 inches of play easy. Couple this with the holster being tight around the gun and you can picture the motion he had to make to draw the gun. This was humorous because it was practice and would have been tragic if it was real.

After getting the gun out of the holster, John then had to remove the safety, rack a round into the chamber, acquire the target, and then fire. This took 3 – 4 seconds the first couple of times. Add another 1 – 2 seconds for messing with the holster. Comical, but great lessons learned. Keep up the hard work John!!!


beatlebumm said...

Hey! Dirty Lib here. Thanks for all of your compliments Steve. Seriously I appreciate it. I have been working hard to become proficient.

James said...

I have mixed feelings with the law on CCW. To my understanding, the law would have allowed carry in ANY state as long as you were current in your own state of residence. First, anyone that has read my comments knows that I don't think any laws should be in place that take away your right to carry. And if there are laws that states pass, no other state should be told what their laws should say by the federal government. If California doesn't allow citizens to carry guns, then I will NEVER live there. (I know, easy for me to say this as I have no restrictions on when I can or can't carry)

Now for the Dirty Lib,get rid of that crap holster and get you a kydex or fobus style plastic holster that is made for your make of weapon.

Warthog said...

I meant every word of it John. Keep up the good work and you can count on me to help you along the way.