Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chavez making ready for War

I wrote a blog on Myspace back in 2008 (see below) when Chavez first started making a push to become president for life of Venezuela. From the start of Chavez making the papers I new this guy was trouble and he has steadily been making waves ever since. I do not believe I am omnipotent but I am a student of history and this guy just followed the path of so many other tyrants we all learned about in grade school. Slowly take away freedoms, silence decent, nationalize resources, manufacture an enemy and secure permanent power. All five objectives have been met.

Now what is the next move? Expand!,2933,573048,00.html

Chavez has been preaching to his people and the world that the USA is going to invade his country to take the oil. He is now provoking a war with our ally in an attempt to make his proclamation come true. If or when we come to Columbia's aid he will stand before the UN and declare that he was right and that the Evil Empire is doing exactly as he said they would.

Chavez wants to be the next Castro. He took power democratically and supposed voting secured it for life. The legislation that repealed term limits was packed with incentives for the poor. Increased taxpayer support and government hand outs. It was basically like saying if you allow me to be president for life I will guarantee you make more money. Ah, but alas just like all socialist countries Venezuela is having issues with providing power and water to its people.

Is this new threat from Chavez the test of Obama that Joe Biden warned us about before the election? Maybe, lets hope for our sake that the President does not fail this test. We may want him to fail in his fundamentally changing America, but we do not want him to fail when it comes to international threats to America.

So I wanted to write a blog on Chavez over a year ago but got bogged down on my reference to him and Hitler. If you know anything about Hitler other then only the war and his killing Jews you might know what I am referencing. Remember Hitler was ELECTED. I missed having my views dated and having everyone see them come to fruition like they are. [My wife] and I had an argument about him [Chavez] when he nationalized utilities and oil. So she knows of my foresight.

Oddly, Chavez lost an election that would have made him president for life. I am not sure how this happened. Either democracy won or something fishy is going on and he is pulling one over the world's eyes. We will have to see. [He ran the legislation a second time and surprise it passed]

Currently, Chavez is preparing to start a war in South America. He is treating the death of a REBEL (FARC) leader as if he was Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. For those of you who did not see the one freaking blip on the news, Colombian commandos raided a Rebel camp and killed Raul Reyes, leader of FARC. FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia) was created by the Columbia Communist Party in 1964. The controversial part is that they crossed over into Ecuador where he was hiding. Chavez has sent troops to the Columbian border and is saying that Reyes was a "good revolutionary leader". Information found on a laptop retrieved from this raid or another, not sure which, documents Chavez giving millions to the rebels. This is a world leader supporting insurgents if you will.

The Question: Why is the media not covering this more? Will Chavez succeed in starting a war? Is this part of his plan to be leader for life? Hitler did something very similar, coincidence?

-Warthogspec on Myspace Blog Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Fluffy said...

You were right about Chavez but I think you overestimate his importance outside of Venezuela.

This "news" story is getting all the play it deserves. If you read the article carefully, you will see that nothing reported in the story can be substantiated. Except for what Chavez said or did, nothing happened to report about, so why would we need more news coverage?

This whole thing is just some more saber rattling and noise to deflect from the real issue—the growing unrest of the Venezuelan people under Chavez’s leadership. He is probably hoping the distraction also create enemies of the state. But there is no threat and this is seen for the old ploy that it is.

So the quieter we are about this non-issue, the more easily the real voices of Venezuela can be heard. Unless and until the U.S. or Colombia has to respond to a first action by Venezuela, there is nothing to be done. So he moves his tanks around. Big deal—it’s all just staged theatre and posturing.

The news media, our government and Colombia's government, all know Chavez is a bit player. To say or do more with/or about him, exaggerates his importance and significance to the rest of the world. I for one, hope we continue to minimize and marginalize Chavez and his made up news stories.

Sure, Chavez probably has delusions of being the next Hitler. But who cares? Lots of lunatics have lots of crazy ideas and that's what helps us to spot them more easily. Stories manufactured by crazy dictator types are just that—they shouldn’t be regarded as breaking news.

Warthog said...

I am not the type to put my head in the sand and hope for the best. What you call a two bit dictator is a man who is aligning himself with our enemies, supporting communist rebels in other countries, and provoking war between smaller neighbors.

Just because you close your eyes doesn't make problems go away.

I am outraged by your statement, "If you read the article carefully, you will see that nothing reported in the story can be substantiated. Except for what Chavez said or did, nothing happened to report about, so why would we need more news coverage?"

Why wouldn't we take notice when the leader of a foreign country says he wants to destroy us. Why wouldn't we take notice when the man starts stock piling weapons. When will you notice? When he starts Guyana? Will we say that is okay as long as he stops there? He says that is all, but a couple months later he invades Suriname? Will that be enough?

Don't ever take your enemies lightly and never just assume it will all work out. When someone says they want to kill me I will take them at their word and I will react accordingly. I guarantee you my response will involve bending over and putting my head in the sand.

I am not calling for war on Venezuela, but I am calling for a strong unified response from the USA and our South American allies. We must dispel this new found belief that we are cowards and will be bullied. We will stand up for freedom and we will support our allies.

beatlebumm said...

Sorry! This is bugging me! Not the whole argument but just the part about Hitler being elected. He was not elected, he was appointed chancellor. Ok, I am done.

James said...

I can't believe this.....I just did a little research, and i can't believe I'm saying this. The Dirty Lib is correct. Hitler lost the presidential election of 1932 and was only appointed chancellor after some shady dealings and a mysterious fire at the reichstag.

Warthog said...

Yes, it hurts, but I will give the dirty lib credit for knowing his history. I am still trying to figure out how I was so mistaken.

But I will not let his knowledge of history go without a dig. Because he knows history so well he should know that we are headed down a path so many have failed when going down.