Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Favorite Blogger

Please read the blog post pasted below, written by The Northern Muckraker. He is quickly becoming a favorite read and a man after my own heart.

I can not say it better so I will not add anything to it. Feel free to comment though and to check out Muckraker's site.

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 25

Because brutal sociopaths like Vincent Scott, Gary Solomon and Marcus Solomon roam the streets of the metro area where we currently reside. These "men" beat and robbed a man simply because they felt a need to "get out some aggression", the trio apparently told Mesa, Arizona police.The total haul this group of feral parasites on normal society gained from this unprovoked attack on an innocent pedestrian, which left the victim with multiple injuries?

"Fritos, bean dip, M&Ms and a Kit Kat bar".

We certainly hope those tasty snacks were worth the years in prison these scumbags are facing for their senseless act.

No amount of proactive policing could have prevented this assault, and the cops certainly weren't around to interrupt these animals in the middle of carrying out their random, spur of the moment crime. If the victim had been legally armed with a handgun, the odds certainly would have been changed in his favor, and he just might have been able to successfully fend off his attackers before suffering injury.

Tell us again how firearms never benefit polite society at large or are simply of no use to victims of violent crime, Ms. Brady?

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Doug said...

Thank you very much for your praise. You're too kind.

These kinds of outrages only encourage me to work even harder to preserve our rapidly-disappearing rights.