Monday, November 23, 2009

No Guns in the Library

I read this article posted by The War on Guns which tells about a law abiding citizen who went to the library armed with a pistol on his hip. He caused no trouble, did want he went there to do, and left. BORING!?!?!?! Apparently not, the fact this man had the audacity to come into a library armed caused such a ruckus that Library Director, Larry "I'm a Sheep" Frank, put into motion steps to get signs that say no guns allowed.

This story, while mundane and boring, brings so many anger inducing thoughts.
  • Signs do not prevent crime or stop bad guys/gals!
  • Signs let bad guys know good guys are unarmed!
  • How does a law abiding citizen cause such an uproar?
  • This is the reason concealed carry is so important.
  • The sheepdog scares the sheep if he walks around with his teeth showing.
Those would be the headers of most of my thoughts. I will spare you the listing of my subheadings and just get down to the meat.

A sign doesn't do a damn thing. Just as laws are made to be broken; signs are made to be ignored. A sign does announce that there is a great chance that 99.99% of the people obeyed it so you can feel free to go do bad guy stuff. This story also shows that anyone with a gun is scary and it demonstrates the importance of keeping your firearm concealed. It makes the armed person less worried of what people think and it allows the sheep to keep grazing undisturbed.

Sick Thought or Teaching Moment?:

I would like to walk into a library, restaurant, or some other event with no security but a sign that doesn't allow individuals to bring their own security. I would then like to pull out a bright orange fake gun, something obvious, and here is the speech I would give:

A lot of you are dead!!! The ones who would have made it out alive would have had to do it while climbing over dead bodies. I walked by that sign with this gun and it did nothing to try and stop me. I was going to go shoot up the place across the street but it didn't have a sign so I was worried there might be someone with a gun over there. I figured in this place with a no gun sign only criminals would be carrying a firearm. So I came here where I know I can take at least 25% of you with me before I commit suicide because I am a depressed loser who blames all of you for my lack of a life. I got my idea after watching that guy in Pittsburgh who shot up that gym because the women wouldn't go out with him. Have a nice day!!!

I would then walk out and leave everyone to ponder what the hell just happened. I would never do this for the simple fact that I do not know the legal ramifications for such an act and I have no urge to go to jail much less prison. But it would sure be fun to see all the faces and be a fly on the wall afterward.

I am interested in knowing if any of my readers has a valid argument on why it should be illegal to carry a gun anywhere there is not armed security present for your protection? I add that caveat because I understand the need to prevent strangers from carrying guns in certain venues, but all those venues provide armed security, ie: Courts, White house, Congress.

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