Monday, November 16, 2009

San Francisco Thinking

I am back in San Francisco and always gets my political juices flowing. I have not encountered any real liberalism today but I did catch a clip of a liberal radio program that was talking about weed and incredibly complaining about Obama not holding up his end of the liberal deal.

What I am thinking about is Obama bowing to Japan's emperor. What I read was that it is not acceptable for any foreign leader to bow to another foreign leader, even if it is the custom of that nations people. Some may think this is trivial in itself, but when you put all the stuff Obama has done together I see a trend.

- Apologized for American missteps with Muslim people.
- Stopped the miss shield.
- Won't engage in Afghanistan.
- Closing (maybe) Guantanamo.
- Trying terrorists civilly as if they have the same rights as Americans.
- Going after the CIA for following orders, orders that arguably saved lives.

- Agrees with Mexico that weapons dirt bag drug dealers use are coming from America and that it is some how our fault.
- Pushing health care that maybe, but not certainly, 51% of Americans want but 100% will be forced to pay.
- Bought GM and Chrysler then gave them to the Unions who put them out of business in the first place.
- Lied about not increasing taxes for the middle or lower class.
- Lied about transparency.
- Giving money to increase certain businesses sales.
- Increased the time people can be on unemployment.

I was going to link for every point, but am too lazy. Google them!

My point here is that Obama seems to care about what foreign countries think and wants to take away from every day American citizens.

I am not a fool. I know that Obama inherited a mess. I also know that his plan is not going to fix anything in America and I know he is weakening our position in the world.

But here is the tough part that WE, the American Citizens, have to realize. It is our fault more than his. We spend with no regard to how we are going to pay. We look the other way when friends and family make horrible decisions. We spend money like it grows on trees and forget that there is a tab to be paid later.

Only a small percentage of us vote. We complain about everything but do nothing. We as a people always think that someone else will take care of it.

We rely on our government for far too much and then bitch about about how intrusive they are. We live in a place that is below sea level and think that it is some how the governments fault that we are drowning, yet the majority of us didn't make any sort of plan to survive.

We forget that the government is US. We, the people, make up the government. We think that only "those" people can run for government. ANYONE CAN RUN FOR A GOVERNMENT POSITION. It may not be easy but it can be done and if you succeed, well you then become "them".

Become a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Start small, talk with your friends, then join the PTA, attend town halls and city counsel meetings, write letters. Get educated and just do something!!!


Dirty Austrian Lib said...

Hey Steve

I alaways trie to follow you blog and I just wanted to say that I was quite impressed on what you wrote here. As you know I am not a big Obama supporter myself. Anyhow, making the people realize that they still have the power to change something is a good thing.

see you arround

Warthogspec said...

Hello DAL,

Thanks for reading. I think it is very important that people realize that they still hold the power, but only if they use it after educating themselves.

Idiots get to vote too.

Gator said...

Good post. No doubt Obama's World Apology Tour '09 continues. IRT to your comment about my related post, I guess I was already so mad about all the other stuff that "the bow" in and of itself wasn't enough to get a reaction out of me. I think we're basically on the same page here.

Warthog said...

I really believe that is the intent. They beat us over the head with this shit time and time again until we just don't care any more. I did a blog on that. We stood up and shouted during the town halls, but where was the outrage when the health care bill passed the house?

We have to be as vigilent to our opposition as the politicians are patient in their persuit to subvert our wishes.

Anonymous said...

Good words Steve. However, let's not forget that people like Obama and Nacy Pelosi and Harry Reid were in Congress when Bush was the Pres. In other words, they didn't inherit a mess, they were there when the mess was made. They were a PART of the mess. Dad

Anonymous said...

Lets take a little walk down memory lane here. Another Chicago Democrat, Mayor Richard Daley (Senior)had a brilliant idea to get votes. He had bus loads of poor black people brought up from the South. When they arrived they were given a place to live (The Projects) and given 'next day welfare'. For this all they had to do was vote Democratic when the time came. Now lets see, we are in 2009 and the Democrats win. Ugly enough, this 21st Century Democratic party gave rebirth to the old Daley machine and allowed millions to enter this country illegally, stroll into the DMV (Government controlled) and get a drivers license. Now these people could apply for welfare and access care, which most poor Americans can't get. Then when the time came, they could vote! And who did they vote for? I believe that is why McCain was trying to kiss their a$$ with amnesty, so HE could get the votes. We better wake up and start yelling at these elected officials or we'll be fooked. Spend the dime and call your elected official and tell them NO to Universal Health Care. Dad