Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Post About Illegal Immigration

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy and a lot of it is happening in Arizona. We have people protesting the enforcement of laws, boycotting our state for implementing the same laws the federal government has, we have ranchers being shot, cops being shot, and LOS SUNS dabbling in the arena of politics.

All the while the libtards out there are screaming racism, because that is the only argument they have and it's the only argument that makes people react. Call anyone a racist and it makes them feel the need to prove they are not. It is an affective method. The next best thing is to compare things to Nazi Germany. Always the go to no matter what side of the fence you are on.

But some are not fooled by the out cry. Some can see it for what it is. The people protesting do not care about America or laws or law abiding citizens. They do not care if the bill has been amended to make sure that racial profiling is strictly prohibited. They do not care that "Show Me Your Papers" = License and registration please.

They know that key words bring strong reactions. Show me your papers, is reminiscent of the Nazis or Soviet Russia. Ironically, the later is what a lot of these people want to bring about.

Boycott Arizona is the new platform and it is being implemented by all the libtards cities in America. Cities I hate to travel to and just being in them makes my skin crawl. San Fran, Boston, LA, Portland (I actually like Portland) and even some cities in Arizona.

I for one am willing to pay higher taxes to subsidize the lost revenue from the boycott. I am not voting on Prop. 101 but would vote for a bill titled, Prop. 125: The Arizona Tax increase and giving the middle finger to those who boycott us proposition. The title is a bit lengthy but it will get the message across.

So what is the true mission of the protest organizers?

They want an open border. They want to reap the benefits of Americans past but piss on the culture that made it so. They want to bring in more people with their hands out begging so they will vote them into more power. They want to invade us.

Pick one or more, hell pick them all. I am sure one of those fits each of the groups leading the protests. It is the only thing that makes sense. You constantly hear these people saying we need comprehensive immigration reform yet they protest anything that is not amnesty.

Some of them come out and say exactly what they want aka IMMIGRANTS WITHOUT BORDERS. Making the USA the only country in the world with no immigration laws.

Do not be fooled people. Do not succumb to the taunts of being a racist. You know if you are a racist or not. Being pro immigration reform and strict enforcement of immigration laws does not make you a racist. There are more ways to wage war than with guns and when it comes to the wars without guns America usually loses. We are a kind and generous people and it is our greatest weakness. We can not allow ourselves to be used and invaded by people who have no inclination to join our society and in a lot of cases only wish to destroy us or take us over.

Ironically, the only place that leads is America becoming just like the country these people couldn’t survive in or their culture of corruption destroyed, forcing them to flee for the safety and success that the American culture so aptly built.


Anonymous said...

You say that you will not vote for Prop. 100. Would you vote for a tax to pay for the war.

Warthog said...

I would vote for a tax to pay for the war. I agreed with the Bush tax cuts when they were made, but as soon as the towers fell they should have been repealed.

The majority of Americans agreed with the war at the time and the government should have payed made us pay for it instead of accumulating all this debt.

When we go to war there should be an instant tax increase. This would serve the purpose of paying for the war and be another reason to prevent war.

Side note: We are actually not at war. We have never declared war on either the Afghanistans, Iraq, the Taliban, Al Qaida, or anyone else.