Tuesday, May 25, 2010


- Obama sends token force of troops to the border. 2000 miles of border = 1500 troops. Please read my previous post on when numbers lie. I also doubt the troops will be armed and nothing will change.

- Border Patrol currently has a hiring freeze on. Went to a graduation party this last weekend and my cousin told me her husband was accepted into the Border Patrol but was waiting for a start date due to a hiring freeze. Priorities anyone???

- Oil hitting the beaches in the south, President is getting pissed, Dems blaming Bush. I don't blame Obama for the oil spill, never blamed Bush for the problems in Louisiana after the Hurricane. Safety regulations is one thing I think the government should be involved in and they need to get their act together. I am getting sick of hearing about gov workers watching porn and not doing their jobs.

- White House attempts to bribe retired Admiral to get him to not run against party switcher, Republicans want heads, Democrats say no blood no foul. Blogovich is not around to blame for this one so who did it?

- Spec Ops publicized. Really???? Yo Taliban, WERE COMING!!!! But secretly!!! I am getting sick of the media announcing our troop movements. Do they think the Taliban and Al Qaida don't read the news?

- Drug wars in Jamaica and Mexico. Who is to blame? America's gun laws of course. More excuses for bad behavior.

- Arizona - SB1070, Ethnic Studies, and teachers with accents, what else can we take on???? All are worthy battles, I just worry that it's too much  for the hanky stompers to handle at one time. My hope is that it brings the true racists (La Raza, Brown Berets, Immigrants without borders, etc) and their agendas to the surface.

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