Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calderon admonishes America and gets a standing ovation for it.

I watched this live and it disgusted me. In our own house he talks down to Americans, specifically Arizonans, and is applauded by SURPRISE SURPRISE democrats.

The hypocrisy is so amazing it literally hurts my heart to think that any American buys into this crap.

He berates us for attempting to protect ourselves, our border, our jobs, and our economy while at the same time having laws so strict that they make SB 1070 look like a hug. You will find every rule in SB1070 and in our federal law in Mexico's immigration law and then multiply the penalty by 10. In addition, Mexico doesn't have any rule against discrimination. Any law enforcement official in Mexico can stop some and ask for ID.

But the truth is, I don't care what Mexico does as long as it does it without affecting us.

The truth is Calderon needs Mexicans working in the US illegally because his budget counts on it. Mexico will go broke if we got rid of all the illegal aliens in America.

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Anonymous said...

Our illegal Mexican immigrants are Mexico’s #2 revenue generator, just ahead of tourism!! As president, would you be worried about the fed’s enforcing their laws? The fact that that is your #2 revenue generator should tell you your country has some major problems, none of which has to do with the U.S. or our gun laws!