Monday, May 17, 2010

Brown Berets

These guys have been showing up at the protests and intimidating people with their military appearance. Research and their own worlds make it apparent that they are recruiting soldiers and their website states that they are military organization.

I have said it before on this blog that there are Chicanos (this appears to be their preferred moniker) that wish to take back their ancestors land that was taken from them by the great white devil (aka Europeans).

They do not plan to do this, openly, by armed conflict. They plan do this by politics and using our laws against us. By us I am referring to Americans. Americans, as they are referred to today, may have started off as Europeans, but our culture is so much more vast than any one European nation and it has taken the best of every nationality, from all continents, that has joined the Great Mixing Pot.

There is no denying that our past leaders did some shady things to the people who inhabited this land. Unfortunately, I do not know how to make it up to them and to be honest it could have been a lot worse. Harsh words but just look at the history of the human race. We are not a gentle and kind people. You often hear from people that killing is not a natural human trait and to those people I have to ask, what history have you been reading? The only true statement is that the human race has made great attempts to keep at bay it's desire to kill, concur, and dominate.

As usual I have gone off topic. This post is to inform you that there is a threat to the American, all Americans, way of life.

I first learned about it while reading Darrell Ankarlo's book, "Another Mans Sombrero". This book changed my opinion on the illegal immigration issue. I used to think, "yeah they are breaking the law but they are hard ass workers doing what no one else will". I still believe there are hard working illegal immigrants whose only fault is crossing our border illegally. But the way they come here is an abomination and the crimes committed against them can only be stopped by opening the border 100% or locking it down while creating a temporary work system.

Mr. Ankarlo's book also addresses why he thinks (opinion, based on facts) Bush did nothing on the border and about the plot to take back American land by driving up Chicano population, affecting politics, and turning the Southwest into Northern Mexico. Conspiracy theory? I can only hope!!! But the information is out there and it supports his theories.

Below is just the latest group to come to my attention. I will post more as I continue my research.

Just look at the links below to see for yourself. Remember that LA means THE and RAZA means RACE, you will see it a lot. To be fair I have found an explanation on a website that says the literal translation is THE RACE but it  means “the people” or “the community.” Regardless, when you see it and how it is used you will know what it is portraying.

This information found at

Also check out the Brown Berets code of conduct:
Notice that its rules against violence only pertain to violence against La Raza.

Our Nation: Aztlan

All this land belongs to Natives. By “native” we don’t mean “native born” whites, blacks, or Asians, we mean the Native People who inhabited this land for thousands of years before any other human set foot on this continent or hemisphere. Chicanos lay a claim to this land in the undisputable fact that Native blood runs through our veins. Our ancestors are Mexica, Maya, Tolteca, Yaqui, Navajo, Lakota; thousands of Native tribes that were hunted, destroyed and pushed to the edge of extinction by European invaders; Spaniards and Portugese in the South, British and French in the north. We emerge now as a new breed, a mixture of all Native Nations and tribes. Out of many we are One, we are the Chicano Nation! With this we claim our Birthright, Aztlan is our Inheritance.

This Border that was placed here by American invaders was another idea of theirs to hedge us in, to divide and conquer us. We do not recognize or respect any foreign imposed border. We do not respect anyone who invades and yet dares calls its Natives “illegal”. Aztlan is our homeland, where we belong. We will reclaim it according to the ancient prophecies, and we will from henceforth determine our destiny.

The real illegal immigrants on this continent are the white Europeans that crossed an entire ocean, not Mexicans. Mexicans are descendants of the Mexica and other native tribes. We are not Hispanic, which means we come from Spain; neither are we Latino, which means we come from Italy. The amount of contamination of European blood on our people is a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of millions of Natives that inhabited this hemisphere. The majority of us are predominantly Native and it is that blood that ties us to and cries out for our land! By them calling us Hispanic or Latino they try to tear us away from our identity and our land. Therefore we reclaim our identity as Chicanos and reclaim our nation Aztlan.

Though we live in occupied territory we carry a dual citizenship. One is of the foreign invaders that occupy our lands and enslave our people. The second is our Citizenship in the Nation of Aztlan, our true nation. Aztlan is a nation that is truly free, no oppression, no predatory capitalism that enslaves the population. We are a nation that is created by Raza, for all our Raza. We accept those of other races to dwell with us in peace, to seek happiness and the well being of their families. We are a nation that values our families, our faith, and our unflinching call to honor and dignity. We believe in the full restoration of all tribal lands to the Native Nations that dwell within our borders. We believe in freedom, justice, truth and the Chicano Way of Life. Somos Aztlan!!

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