Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homework assignment

I was talking with a guy I work with who is Filipino. He is American with no accent but does have brown skin and looks more Hispanic than Pacific Islander or Asian.

I asked him if he was concerned about SB1070. He said, “I guess I could be [harassed].”

What I got out of the conversation was that he only new what he had heard through the media or through people talking about it around him. He then asked me some questions about the bill that I thought were great and I think I cleared some things up.

His final question was, “what are people upset about then?”

I had no answer as I did not want to get into my conspiracy theories with a coworker.

So here is the home work assignment.

• Talk to your friends who either are Hispanic or look Hispanic.

• Ask them what they feel about the law.

• Ask them what they know about the law.

• You do not have to try and convert them; just find out what they think and what they have been told. Are they different?

• Are they self educated about the bill or are they simply spewing out what is being presented in the media.

• I am especially interesting in hearing from people who look Hispanic and have accents. If anyone was going to be profiled it would be them.

• Ask them if they are comforted in the fact that they only need to show a drivers license to prove they are a citizen.

• Ask them what they would do differently.
Extra Credit:

• Give someone the information needed to change their view on the subject.

• Find someone who will admit it’s not about profiling and more about taking back the land for Mexico.

Get to work Shooters and make a difference in your immediate circle of influence. You may not be able to change the world, but you can make a difference in your circle of influence.

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Fluffy said...

So much misinformation and hyperbole ~~~ So few facts and substantive discourse.

I wish you would have given this assignment during the health care reform debate. The same was true there.

Now you see my frustration and why I prefer to get my news and information from NPR. I have to because I don't have patience for the BS and I don't have patience for the credential-lacking talking heads who personally benefit from fomenting agitating. Makes my blood pressure go up:)