Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us and most Americans will have a BBQ, get drunk, and play in the pool. All great events that mark the start of the Summer.

I am having a BBQ today and RamRod started a new tradition in my house hold. He gave everyone coming a homework assignment. Find a family member who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation and tell everyone about him.

GREAT IDEA!!! RamRod was shocked at how many people responded positively to the idea and I really believe my friends have learned a lot about there own families.

I wonder how many people will actually say anything at their BBQs about the fallen hero's they are supposed to be celebrating on their Memorial Day vacation?

I wonder how many people actually know that Memorial Day is supposed to be a day for remembering our fallen veterans?

My family and friends will be remembering and will be introducing a new tradition that I will pass on to my children and them to theirs.

Have a great Memorial Day and at the very least have a moment of silence for those who can not be with us because they died defending our freedom and no matter what day it is remember there are still those men and women who are currently in the trenches defending us.

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