Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israeli Crisis

Kudos to the peace activists, who brought Israel's military brutality to the attention of the world.

For far too long these people, hell bent on world domination and subjugating of people they feel beneath them, has gone unchallenged. Their story of abuse is well documented through out history and their constant attacks on peaceful peoples are beyond disgusting. Thankfully, there are people who are willing to challenge Israel's bellicose ways and put an end to the constant terror Israel instills in their peace loving neighbors.

OH, there is a video? Um, uh, oh, well, you see, what had happened was…………………

Now to my serious thoughts, Israel just got punked. If anyone thinks this was not set up in advance then you are a fool. These so called peace activists had this planned from the beginning. They knew there was no way Israel would let them through their blockade without boarding the ships and inspecting the cargo. They then packed the ships with as many idiots they could get from as many countries as possible. This way anger at Israel will come from everywhere and everyone.

Instead of countries being mad at the idiots who antagonized the Israelis, people are mad at the people who are under constant duress. Duress caused by being surrounded by people who openly speak about destroying them.

Sunday, I was listening to the radio and heard about these ships heading toward Israel and that the Israelis planned on intercepting them. I remember thinking then that this could be bad. Seemed like only an hour later, I heard about the ships being bordered and shots being fired. Score one for premonition or just common sense.

Luckily, the Israelis had the presence of to have cameras present and oddly I saw a video from someone on the ship. The video is clear to me. The peace activists were not so peaceful, the Israeli soldiers held fire for quite awhile, and the use of force did become disproportional. The peace activists brought pipes, rocks, sticks, and wrenches to a gun fight.

Hanky stomping liberals are upset that guns were used against people without guns, but these idiots also think cops should not shoot to kill and should only shoot to disable. BECAUSE IT’S THAT EASY!!!

I stand by Israel and think they showed great restraint in holding fire for as long as they did.

I do however fear that this is the start of something bigger and hope it is not the spark to an all out war the world.

There are just too many hot spots in the world and it is only a matter of time before they ignite, unless something is done to smother them.

Do not be fooled by these people who claim to be of peace. We can see they are clearly not peaceful. If they wanted to get the aid to Hamas they only had to allow the Israelis to inspect the ship for arms. I have not heard any credible claims that Israel is not allowing aid to get Gaza.

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Me said...

I stand with Israel on this 100%.

Of course it was a set-up...but Israel also couldn't afford to just let the ships go in. It was a lose/lose for them, and anyone with a brain--one not clouded by a political agenda--can see it clearly.

Anonymous said...

Thank God our government hasn't taken a stance!!
No comment is just fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind... Hitlerly Clinton has condemned Israel.