Monday, June 21, 2010

Where are all the Men???

I am not sure how I feel about this just yet. I agree with this woman and I agree with the men in the second video wanting to fight for their country and state.

However, I think it should be the duty of our elected leaders to call us to arms. I would be there in an instant.

I am very torn on this.

What the guys in the second video are doing is brave and my one worry is that they are putting themselves and the local officers in danger. There is no communication or way of identifying friend from foe. There is no command and control.

Through out America's early history it was civilian militias that did a lot of the fighting. The Alamo was defended by civilians. Sam Houston went to save them with his militia or volunteer army. These men were self taught marksmen and obviously proved capable.

If I was in charge I would call for a volunteer army like the days of old. Perform a day of qualification and a quick criminal back ground check. Squad them up with a sheriff deputy in charge and put them on patrol.

The woman in the first video is right. We are a bunch of pansies and it's time to stand up for our state and our country. I am just hoping for an elected leader to make the call and do it in a way that doesn't get a bunch of patriots killed.

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