Sunday, June 6, 2010

Illegal tased while resisting Border Patrol, death ruled homicide

Unbelievable, just unbelievable. Not much else to say about the matter. Bad guy fights with cops, apparently taking two on successfully, if that doesn't call for a taser I don't know what does. Meth found in system would explain a lot. Excessive force? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FRIGGIN KIDDING ME!!!

It is mind boggling that we even have these conversations. I heard last week on the radio that some politician was calling for Cops to start shooting to disable instead of to kill. I think the hit rate for cops averages 17% so asking them to aim anywhere but center mass might actually increase the hit rate. Maybe it is reverse psychology, I sure hope so, cuz the only other explanation is just plain ridiculous.
The death of a Mexican migrant has been ruled a homicide, five days after he was shot with a stun gun by a U.S. immigration officer, according to the San Diego County medical examiner's office.

The coroner said Wednesday that methamphetamine abuse and hypertension contributed to the death of Anastacio Hernandez, who died from cardiac arrest at a Chula Vista hospital.

San Diego police Capt. Jim Collins says the 32-year-old was shot with a stun gun by a Customs and Border Protection officer Friday night at a San Diego border crossing.

Hernandez became combative with agents who were preparing to hand him over to Mexican officials in Tijuana after he entered the United States illegally, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman Jacqueline Dizdul. She said he ignored repeated orders to stop fighting and wrestled two Border Patrol agents to the ground.

Collins says results of the investigation will be sent to federal prosecutors, who will determine if criminal charges are filed.

Mexico has condemned the use of force against Hernandez.

Source: Illegal Immigrant Taser Death Ruled a Homicide
NBC San Diego

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